I was writing a post on how screwed we were since the black market rate of the Dollar crossed the 300 Bolivar threshold a couple of days ago. Never mind. Just deleted the whole thing. This tragedy is self explanatory.  Translation: According to DolarToday the black market rate just hit 402 Bolivars per 1 US…


Latin America Goes Nagel

Today sees the launch of Latin America Goes Global: a new opinion and analysis site exploring the interface between Latin America and the World. The site is launched by Friend-of-the-Blog Chris Sabatini. And guess who has a column from day one, and a place on the masthead? A-yup!


Character-driven blogging

For a change of pace, I’ve decided to use my column at Foreign Policy’s Transitions blog to focus on the people, on the Venezuelans that are making a difference, surviving, and suffering. My goal is to focus on a different character in each column. This is not easy for somebody used to writing about politics and economics,…


The Briefing

I’ll tell you what I do find significant about the revelation that the U.S. now has a long and fast-growing list of witnesses explaining how Diosdado Cabello’s sprawling drug-running operation works in minute detail: The Briefing. Just imagine the kinds of intelligence briefings Thomas Shannon must be giving to cancillerías all up and down the…