Looking for Brutus

George Packer has written a brilliant piece on the rise of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in the New Yorker. The article has many anecdotes and thought-provoking ideas, but one stuck with me. When talking about how Merkel decided to cut ties with the legendary Helmut Kohl, her mentor, Packer says: In November, 1999, the C.D.U. (Merkel’s and Kohl’s party) was engulfed…



We dangle the word “Facho” (slang for fascist) quite easily. It’s a quick way to refer to certain individuals in the government who act as – how to put it nicely? – psychotic bullies. Sometimes, the term just fits. From the top of my head, some examples of chavista facho moments:  Chávez firing thousands of workers from PDVSA during his live TV…


The four faces of Godfinger

Earlier this week, chavismo’s hippest Troll Princess posted four pictures on Instagram showing four sides of her family. There’s no doubt she was engineered just to patch up her dad’s public face and present him as an approachable fella’. In these pics, we can see the almighty President of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, wearing an apron and just goofin’…


This is our “winter of discontent”

Back in 1978, Great Britain went through a horrendous period. Public employees went on strike, and public services were severely disrupted. The period, known as “the winter of discontent,” all but destroyed Labour’s reputation, and helped propel Margaret Thatcher to the Prime Minister’s office, a development that changed British history. One of the anecdotes about the…


Who wants a Mustache Ride?

Ahhhh.. everlasting love. Just the thing you need instead of basic food supplies and neoliberal announcements. Happy anniversary to the first couple (Thank you Capriles) of our failed state. May you have loving years of whiskers and salsa until 2019 (Thank you Capriles).


Life meets pavement

Tents, bare mats, improvised shelters, tattered refrigerators, and used-up kitchen utensils cover the sidewalk of this stretch of Avenida Lecuna, in downtown Caracas. Several government-subsidized buildings on both sides of the street are adorned with propaganda. Women, men, and kids stand by, looking at each other and at the cars driving on this busy street. They sit on…