Today in “No Vale, Yo No Creo”

Steven Obando, 28, is a high school chemistry teacher in Barquisimeto. This week, he was charged with extortion. His alleged crime? Demanding that two of his students bring in impossible-to-source packages of diapers and washing powder in return for a passing grade.


It which cannot be named

Diosdado Cabello is suing El Nacional, Tal Cual, and for writing pieces claiming he is a drug smuggler. Of course, these news sites were not claiming such things, but simply repeating what is being said abroad about Cabello. The real reason behind Cabello’s lawsuit has a first and a last name, as well as…

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A matter of cops and death

How bad does the security situation have to be in a country for the cops themselves to go out to protest… because they don’t feel safe on the job? Bad. Really bad. In Miranda State and Caracas alone, 45 police officers have been killed in 2015 so far. Nationwide, according to NGO Due Process Foundation (FUNDEPRO), at least 105…


Leopoldo + Petraeus + Harvard = Insanity.

This video’s basic pitch? Leopoldo López went to Harvard, a place where the CIA trains its agents. There, he supposedly met David Petraus, who invaded Iraq. He gave some speeches calling for Maduro to leave the Presidency. He is Thor Halvorssen’s cousin. Ergo … he is a coup monger, solely responsible for the 43 deaths…


Be Part of the Solution: Support Efecto Cocuyo

There are just 60-odd hours left on Efecto Cocuyo’s crowdfunding campaign, which means you still have a chance to fight back against Communicational Hegemony by supporting independent journalism in Venezuela during its darkest hour. We’re enormously fortunate to have some badass, cuatriovariada, multi-award-winning journos out there still willing to hit the streets and tell the stories the…