Latin America Goes Nagel

Today sees the launch of Latin America Goes Global: a new opinion and analysis site exploring the interface between Latin America and the World. The site is launched by Friend-of-the-Blog Chris Sabatini. And guess who has a column from day one, and a place on the masthead? A-yup!


A good day for the opposition

Most opposition insiders were viewing today’s primaries to select opposition candidates for Parliament with a mix of fear and dread. Many voters were not informed of the election, the media was looking the other way, and the funding was short. The goal was to get 350,000 voters to show up (out of around 7 million eligible…


Grenades galore (Updated)

The last few days have been quite tense in Aragua State, as an undeclared conflict between criminal gangs and the authorities heats up. It all began last Thursday when six members of the criminal gang known as “El Kilverth” (named for the leader’s alias) were killed in a shootout following their attack on a local police station near San Mateo,…