This is the sound of wasteful culture

Caracas has been hosting a music festival in the last few days, courtesy of the Mayor of western Caracas (Libertador Municipality) Jorge Rodríguez. The former CNE president/Vice-President/head of both Chavez & Maduro’s recent presidential campaigns has made this a pet project of his. Suena Caracas isn’t your traditional festival in the style of Woodstock or Glastonbury.…


A low point for our football

Last Sunday was a dark day for Venezuelan football: there were violent clashes between the fans of Portuguesa F.C. and C.D. Lara inside and outside the José Antonio Páez Stadium in the city of Acarigua, leaving one person dead and fifty injured. The game was delayed for half an hour but was eventually completed. Lara won 4-0.…


Ugandan Slum, Venezuelan Eyes

I’m in Uganda just now, doing some nothing-to-do-with-Venezuela research. I suppose travelogues can be terribly tiresome, but who knows, maybe some of you are interested in reading what staying in a barrio in Kampala feels like to an east-side caraqueño. My little stab at it is here. 

Corn oil? Do you want the 1 l. bottle, or the 5 l. jug?

“Ya Nos Vamos Pareciendo a África”: Ojalá Edition

A little photo essay from the Shoprite supermarket on Entebbe Road in downtown Kampala, Uganda, this morning. As a term of abuse, “africanización” is doubly noxious: at once luxuriating in its own casual racism and then, on top of that, just plain inaccurate. The facile lament that “vamos a terminar como Africa” serves only to signpost one’s ignorance…