Militares culpables

Monday morning polls

Two new polls continue to show that support for the Maduro government has never been softer. The first one is from Datanálisis. Obviously, one of the slides that jumps out is the one showing that support for Maduro has never been this low. Nevertheless, we should be careful. While the opposition is currently more popular than chavismo,…


“¡Los fenicios!”

This video leaves me speechless … Aporrea’s take on the incident leaves me doubly speechless. Luckily, our readers are not speechless! Take it away, venelondoner: “En serio… con estos caimanes no se puede. Intentar hablar o razonar con ellos es como hablar con un bloque de granito. Y de aporrea bueno… mucha gente les da…


Apátrida Chronicles

In my latest piece for Transitions, I make the case for foreign intervention in Venezuela’s domestic affairs – namely, that the crime wave has gotten so out of hand, and the government has shown itself so clueless, neighboring countries need to intervene. The headliner: “In 2009, the U.N. Secretary General provided a blueprint for applying this…

Crude Oil Brent

The predators from Riyadh

Yesterday, French economist Jean Tirole won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in understanding imperfect markets such as monopolies or oligopolies. Personally, Tirole has been a huge influence in how I view the world. His graduate-level textbook on Industrial Organization remains, to me, the standard in the field, even though it is getting…

reinhart rogoff

Almost one

On the heels of Nicolás Maduro’s absurd attacks on Ricardo Hausmann and Miguel Ángel Santos, today we hear from Harvard professors Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff on the issue of Venezuela. In a blistering piece for Project Syndicate, they address the main issue in Hausmann and Santos’ controversial article: that Maduro has defaulted on Venezuela’s domestic obligations…


Graph of the day

I’m not sure what the calculations were to get at this number, but the figure is significantly lower than Monaldi’s estimate of $200 as a breakeven price. Regardless, we’re far from where we would like to be.