The Brazilian Senators: What Actually Happened

This account is adapted from an eyewitness report by Vente Venezuela activist Pedro Urruchurtu (@Urruchurtu). His original piece in Spanish is available at GuayoyoEnLetras. June 18, 11:30 a.m.. A Brazilian Air Force plane transporting eight Brazilian Senators is scheduled to land shortly on Rampa 4, the tarmac reserved at Simón Bolívar International Airport in Venezuela for government officials…


Stop hating on queues!

Don’t you know they actually help our thriving economy?  What have YOU done for your country lately? Yeah, I thought so. Now get off your ass and go wait in line, it’s the least you could do. A big thank you to Venezuelan State Television for bringing this to our attention.


I sanctioned Venezuela and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

Dear underpaid intern at the State Dept. stuck in the Venezuela desk having to file reports about the BRV’s response to the president’s Executive Order, I feel for you. I really do. In the scheme of things, with Putin issuing nuclear threats to Denmark, ISIS spreading terror like it’s ebola, and China’s looming financial domination of your country, who has time…

Charming fellow

When in Doubt… Shoot to Kill

Making decisions can be tough, especially if you’re expected to solve the worst economic crisis in our petrostate’s memory on a 22% approval rating, and don’t have the first clue what you’re doing. Leave it to a psychopath like the Defense Minister to show you how it’s done. While Maduro dithers like a paralyzed hamster at the…