Ukraine six million perish headline

In Defense of Guerrilla Capitalism

Rigid price controls, coupled with strict controls over the movement of food from one place to another, can break down society’s ability to feed itself. It’s a lethal combination. Put them together with enough political repression and the result can be famine. In Ukraine, in the 1930s, the combination of policies that made it impossible for…


Accountability, Jesse Chacón Style

Remember Jesse Chacón, Venezuela’s Electricity Czar? The guy’s useless at getting power flowing smoothly, of course, but you do have to give him credit for absolutely incredible, titanium-plated cojones. It was way back in April 2013 that Jesse famously promised to resign in 100 days if electric supply problems were not fixed. The supply problem was,…


Baduel Paroled

General Raúl Baduel was granted parole yesterday after serving six years out of an eight year sentence on trumped up charges of embezzlement. Chávez’s one-time Defense Minister, and the man who organized his return to power by mobilizing the Parachute Regiment in his defense on April 13, 2002, General Baduel had been tried on transparently…

Venezuela Chavez

The One about Chávez’s Hearse

Carolina Acosta-Alzuru has a good riff about the need to wait until a country is ready to tell its stories. Venezuela isn’t ready to start telling its story yet, but one day, when the dust has settled and the country begins to find its voice, it’s going to be incredibly spoilt for choice: the one item where production has…


Come for the crime, stay for the petting zoo has a blockbuster piece on Tocorón Prison in Aragua State, quickly becoming the epicenter of #PranNation. Run by a business savvy “Pran” (prison gang leader) with a growth vision, Tocorón has been on a building frenzy of late, blurring the lines between vacation resort and jail. Charmingly, the jail has become the one place…

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Time’s Up, Minister Osorio

Remember this? The headline ran on June 7th in Ultimas Noticias. Major General Carlos Osorio, Minister for Food, pledged solemnly that the food availability crisis would have ended by…today. We’ll be expecting your resignation by the end of the day, Felix. Right? RIGHT!?