Three-Digit Salute

What are we to do now that the Central Bank has stopped even pretending it’s one day going to start publishing timely inflation statistics again? Well, you could wave your hands and say “marico esta vaina es hiperinflación.” Or you could run 5,456 regressions using various combinations of 33 published statistical indicators to estimate the…


The Deep Roots of the San Vicente Battle

Tomás Straka has a blockbuster post over on ProDaVinci on the Deep Historical Roots of last week’s field battle for control of San Vicente. A taste: Pero tal vez el ejemplo de Tomás Funes es el que mejor calaza para ilustrar el fenómeno que estamos describiendo. Representante de los caucheros muy disgustados por los tratos…


Heartbreak for a Real “Reyes Mago”

This is one of those stories that just hits you right there. Dr. Jesús Reyes was a revered pediatric oncologist at J.M. de los Rios Children’s Hospital, moving heaven and earth to treat his little patients in the face of mounting shortages of chemotherapy drugs. Dr. Reyes was the kind of Doctor who would take his young cancer patients on…


Latin America Goes Nagel

Today sees the launch of Latin America Goes Global: a new opinion and analysis site exploring the interface between Latin America and the World. The site is launched by Friend-of-the-Blog Chris Sabatini. And guess who has a column from day one, and a place on the masthead? A-yup!


The Briefing

I’ll tell you what I do find significant about the revelation that the U.S. now has a long and fast-growing list of witnesses explaining how Diosdado Cabello’s sprawling drug-running operation works in minute detail: The Briefing. Just imagine the kinds of intelligence briefings Thomas Shannon must be giving to cancillerías all up and down the…


My Big, Fat DEA File

José de Córdoba and Juan Forero’s piece in the Wall Street Journal today confirms what we’d all figured: there’s a cottage industry in Washington and Miami tasked with fattening up the file on Diosdado Cabello, An elite unit of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Washington and federal prosecutors in New York and Miami are building…

El Chorizo. If the hand-audit doesn't match it, everyone can tell.

Hate CNE? Love a Witness

No one will be surprised that Juan and I don’t really agree on how the opposition should respond to what is, by all accounts, a hideously one-sided, partisan chavista CNE. Because, to be clear, virtually no one in the opposition thinks CNE’s board is even remotely impartial. We just disagree on what to do about…