Nicmer’s Terminal Case of Esto-es-el-colmo Syndrome

There’s a special fascination to the genre: the fallen-from-grace former true believer whose life embodies every stalinist fiber in chavismo’s body but who is just physically unable to grasp how his personal experience comprehensively  refutes his political ideology. The layers upon layers of self-delusion of sheer automojoneamiento involved are engrossing. And no one but no one is in…


Why Tareck?

What exactly is the government trying to signal through Aragua Governor Tareck El-Aissami’s extremely high profile over the last few days? In the space of a week, he went from announcing a major security operation on the Colombian border to making a new batch of paranoid-schizophrenic allegations of opposition murder plots.  Why him? Technically, Tareck…


Another Dakazo?

The episode is seared into the opposition’s collective psyche: with his approval ratings already in freefall, Nicolas Maduro headed into state and local elections in late 2013 facing a certain drubbing. Then, at the last minute, he had a great idea. Inviting people to quasi-legally loot a popular electronics-and-appliances chain of shops would be sure…


Security Council meeting on Maintenance of international peace and security.

Reflect on history, reaffirm the strong commitment to the purposes  and principles of the Charter of the United Nations

Paranoid much?

Want to make Rafael Ramirez really uncomfortable? Start talking about the need for a Transitional Government, no matter what the context. The United Nations Security Council expressed support for Syria mediation efforts on Monday, but in a rare move Venezuela dissociated itself from references in the statement to any mentions of political transition and or transitional…


Fact-Checking the Perrarina Canard

You’ve heard it. Everyone’s heard it. In the early 1990s, the Venezuelan economy got so bad, poor people were forced to eat “Perrarina”, the popular dry dog food brand. But…is there any substance at all to this story? El Pitazo, one of the new crop of Venezuelan digital media outlets created followed the dismantling of the…