Capriles owns Jaua

Henrique Capriles Radonski was inaugurated today as Miranda State Governor for a second term and he didn’t miss the opportunity during his speech to point how 16-D challenger Elias Jaua was “rewarded” after his defeat. The key quote starts at 1:10.

“…and I know, after looking at some decisions announced to the country in the last few hours, I know that the government would like to trade many of the governorships (they won in the 16-D regional elections) for having the chance of winning in Miranda.”

6 thoughts on “Capriles owns Jaua

  1. Mr. I-Jumped-The-Line-For-The-Miranda-Nomination-After-Losing-the-Presidential-Election man here is perhaps not the ideal vehicle for a rant against rewarding election-losers.


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