3 thoughts on “reultados_electorales_historicos

  1. This result must be analyzed on a location-by-location basis. In the previous elections, the oppo vote was fairly steady; the chavista vote went up and down in complement to abstention. This is the first drop in oppo turnout since 2006, the first large drop, and the first large change. It should be noted where it happened.

    Then there must be a survey to find out why these oppo voters stayed home.

    It may be that many don’t think there’s any point with Chavez in power nationally for at least six more years. They may not be aware or believe that Chavez is likely to be gone very soon. Others may believe it, but don’t think anything else matters till it happens.


  2. Well I am sure Stanford Univ. will have that up and running soon for y’all, since they have been tracking it since President Chavez’s first election. regional election et al state by state, district by district and barrio by Barrio. One has to wonder why but then we know why and it has not helped you all yet.

    I have the data but I’m with the revolution not the bureaucracy.
    Little use for y’all though, if you have not learned by now that your time is over( capitalism is dying) and soon the bureaucracy.

    Forward to real socialism, .Rojo Rojito



  3. Hola Juan, Yes, this is impressive (the abstentions on both sides). Seems both sides were pretty lukewarm about the process. I wanted to find your reference for this chart. You gave Rodrigo Linares, but I can only find a “Getto Gourmet” website in Caracas (I don’t think it’s the right guy) and a Rodrigo Linares on LaPatilla, but nothing since 7 october there attributed to him. Either way, I’ll reference your post if I use the chart. Thanks.


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