CORPOELEC’s biggest problem: Not the rabipelao, but you.

Hi there! Here at CORPOELEC, we think that the rolling wave of blackouts is all your fault.

Two neighborhoods in Puerto Ordaz suffered last weekend their third electric blackout in a week, this one lasting more than eight hours. The official reason of the latest failure was the overload of an underground wire that serves the area.

But Rafael Salazar, local chief of operations for the National Electric Corporation (CORPOELEC), thinks that there’s another responsible for the constant failures of the whole electric system:

“The users are guilty for this.”

“…They should pay their fair share, so we can make all the neccesary investments. They should know that an underground wire is ten times more expensive than an aerial one. If we don’t make the people pay what’s really fair, then we keep the same wires and transformers, so the problem will continue.”

Could this small nugget of honesty from Mr. Salazar mean that the “blaming it on the opposum” strategy will be ditched? Didn’t him read the latest “memo” from his boss, Electricity Minister Hector Navarro? Will Mr. Salazar be able to keep his job after this?

In the meantime, the blackouts are worsening. Just ask the people of Anzoátegui.

15 thoughts on “CORPOELEC’s biggest problem: Not the rabipelao, but you.

  1. You have to wonder whether this guy and others like him have epiphanies like this after being Kool-Aid drinking members of the cult or they just play along until they just can’t take it anymore and the truth just spills out of their mouth uncontrollably.


    • Its more like “play along until they sense the playground’s power plays are going to result in a new strong side”… better known as the Preemptive SDT (salto de talanquera….)

      The trick is being good at the timing and the switch-a-roo! a few former kool aid drinkers have done it only to remain now in the purgatory of traidores and yet to be admitted in the “accepted “oppo side. others have been more succesful.


  2. I agree, it’s the users fault. The fault of millions of users that are connected illegally to a post so they don’t have to pay for electricity.
    They should pay their share.


  3. O.T.: Breaking news: Ahmadineyad Visit: U. S. asks Venezuela to ask Ahmadineyad to abandon nuclear program. Chavez to ask Ahmadineyad how much of a nuclear payload the (Jaua) drone can carry…..


  4. How broken is the electric system in Venezuela? More accurately, how broken is society in Venezuela seen as a series of systems and contractual obligations? Is there even a system and a society in Venezuela worth speaking of?

    Or have we really become a mad mining encampment built around oil? People in some countries in the (now in crisis) periphery of Europe are complaining that they pay too high taxes and fees for lousy government service and to maintain the sinecures of a caste of civil servants who work in a lousy manner. For Venezuela: erase the idea of people paying, government service however lousy and work by civil servants.

    How do we start addressing the mess? There is Corpoelec that sucks and corruption, yes. There’s also completely chaotic urbanization and electricity theft so old and common that it has become custom.

    I can give one thing to the last 13 years. They actually gave to the electorate mostly what they wanted to hear about how it was not their fault but of some oligarchs, and to such oligarchs as they would tolerate looting privileges. I think that it’s reckless to think that Mr. Salazar, local chief of operations at Corpoelec is signaling a change in message, he will probably be sacked or retired.


    • Look loboferoz… really do go on about a problem that is gradually being solved. My God, even here in the Republic of the East we had a local blackout at El Cuadro Gatrojnómico in Los Palos Grandes on Saturday around 0715pm. What is the world coming to?

      But as you probably know electricity supply is the least of the problems for us escualidos…… water, little food, holes in the street, being kidnapped, highest infltion in the world (almost)….. even our own businesses and investment houses rip us off and the person responsible for all this will be reelected by an uneducated population that has no idea what civilization a la USA or Europe is about.

      That’s reality in Venezuela and it will be proved as such on 7 O.

      Now without me meandering on just try and think objectively why people will vote for Chavez on 7O rather than Capriles. Could it possibly be that the deal most people are getting in the huge classes D and E where most voters are is much better than 20 years ago? This is a possibility you know. Could it have something to do with the Missions and the CDI and SRI dotted all over the country? Could be that people know that the private media just spins lies and manipulates all the time? Could it be that Chavez is charismatic and Capriles is out of his league… are the rest of the majunches?

      I have given you some reasons why the elñectricity problem is not really a problem and the fact that chvista voters get free elctricity in the barrios is only fair…..copnsidering that gas is virtually given away to middle class automobile oweners. Igual no es trampa Carolina.


      • Problem being solved? Like crime??? Like decayed transport infrastructure and epic traffic jams??? Don’t you even realize that these things are more than merely inconvenient? That these things bring Venezuela back to before the Industrial Age???

        However, what you point out is true: There no sustainability in Venezuela and no rational system of things (just oil) gas is being virtually given away to middle class automobile owners, and to “lower” class bus riders among many other things.

        Without meandering, an oil encampment (declining production thereof) led and kept by the largess of a very infirm demagogue who might be committing suicide just by campaigning, is plain unsustainable. Yet you point that… he wins elections! On emergency and provisional measures that they can implement with no efficiency whatsoever because they have a lot of oil money! And maybe the oil prices will not keep! Bravo!


  5. Arturo,
    You are on to something. Outside Venezuela we view the fortune squandered, the corruption, the crime, the trampling of a constitution and see a lying idiot that still has a majority of supporters. The country is doomed! All the blogs point out atrocities that occur daily and yet the fat clown wears the crown proudly. I am afraid there is no way to turn the Titanic known as Venezuela.


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