25 thoughts on “Marsupial Chronicles

  1. According to the news, there is also a new member of the rodent family!
    I guess those rabipelados were always crypto-rats; they don’t look at all like those cute koalas!

    • Had I written the article I would have avoided that term, but I maybe it is correct, in the sense that the DRAE registers “roedor” as an adjetive for things that gnaw. The story is that the animal gnaw on a cable, so…..but I wonder if the writer knew this.

  2. I may be a neophyte with limited grasp of language, semantics and electrical engineering but something about this report just doesn’t ring true somehow. As for the “into what head” comment, it implies an appeal to logic! For one’s own good, one should never forget the plaque for “ARRIVING PASSENGERS” at Maiquetía, above that (full) box,that reads, “Passengers are invited to deposit, in the box provided, any logic they may be carrying: it is of no use in-country and may cause possible distress. Such passengers may retrieve said logic on departure”

  3. can you just imagine the Soviet government back in 1986 blaming the Chernobyl disaster on a Siberian Amur tiger?

  4. I am amazed that they didn’t blame this as an act of terrorism of sorts from the “Empire”. After all, it is our acts of bio terrorism that gave him and other South American leaders cancer. Just blame us again. We are responsible for everything :)

  5. The “Oppo” is the same as the majority of the poor in Venezuela (who, in turn, are a majority of the population)–COMIENDOSE UN CABLE”!

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