14 thoughts on “Charged for Perpetrating an Act of Blatant Lawyering

  1. “…Afiuni had merely applied the letter of the law to the case: the prisoner, Emigdio Cedeño…”

    Emigdio o Eligio?
    Autocorrect fail?

  2. I realized the mistake almost the second it was published…but they’re editing these out of the IHT office in Hong Kong, where it’s the middle of the night now!


    • Really an excellent article; my congratulations. Up here in Canada, the Graterol case is being considered by various Law Societies and by Judge’s organizations too. It’s definitely on the radar here.

  3. “somebody needs to get mad about this José Amalio Graterol thing”

    And what, pray tell, do you suppose people should do to express their anger? Should people just tweet about it? Blog about it? Point accusatory index fingers in the general direction of Miraflores and say “naughty, naughty, shame on you!” in a stern, motherly way?

    Or should we tell the government that they have exactly 72 hours to release all political prisoners (ie., Afiuni, Simonovis, etc) or we will send a million people to storm the jails where they are held and free them ourselves, and if any Nazional Guard, Military or Milicia gets in our way we will pull their arms and legs out of their bodies and shove them so far up their own asses they come out of their mouths.

    Which option do you think is the best to express how mad we should be? And if your answer is anything but the last one, then just shut the fuck up and go back to eating your Canadian Bacon.

      • Now, now, Syd, show some leniency. Boyd may be somewhat of a rainman, but his thoughts have merit. This guy sounds a lot like Boli-NIca or his ilk.

        • You’re right about the Boli-Nica comparison. I was so enjoying the harmony from his absence that I’d forgotten about his multiple jstfu’s. Boludo must be ramping up on his manic cycle.

    • And I suppose you – no doubt – would be marching at the very head of those unarmed million people to pull arms and legs out of fully armed national guards, army soldiers, etc. and shoving them up their asses (good luck with that). Another Boli-NIca. Sigh…

      On the other hand, I hate Canadian Bacon.

  4. Nadie,
    Don’t think about revenge or retribution. We know how you feel. It is most important to have Chavez leave office. Threats will make them more entrenched and needing Chavez. When Chavez leaves, there will be a Venezuelan spring with sunshine, freedom, welfare, kindness, compassion, and respect for government. Children will look forward to a better life. Old folks can walk the streets without fear. Love will replace all hate. The streets will be clean. Everyone will have jobs and a decent home. Medical care will be the best for all. The environment will be a world showcase with flowers everywhere. At this point, you can pull their frichin arms and legs the rest of the way out of their lying hateful mouths.

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