Curándose en Salud Chronicles

I’ll get to your lame ass murder case just as soon as I’m done reforming the world.

In Venezuela today, the average prosecutor is expected to handle 831 case files per year, so it’s not surprising 92% of cases referred by police to the Prosecutor General’s office never advance to trial. In that context, this is what the Prosecutor General spends her time worrying about.

13 thoughts on “Curándose en Salud Chronicles

  1. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s a very busy man. Luis Moreno Ocampo would be ROTFL at this.

  2. This comes from the same government that wants to dismantle the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights because it violates the country’s sovereignty, which is pretty much the same excuse the US uses for not signing the Rome Statute. By the way, I don’t think Luisa Estela even has any idea what the hell she is talking about, probably she is just reciting something she found online. I can imagines he googling ICC, “US BAD” the night before.

  3. Yes, the independence of judicial decisionmakers is so important that Venezuela must do away with juries, leaving all decisions in the hands of state appointees without job tenure.

    And, if a member of the Venezuelan Supreme Court says that his court is directly under the control of the Executive, don’t investigate, but write a paper about some othr court, elsewhere. Ellos tienen la culpa.

  4. It has come to this: Luisa Ortega Díaz in a conference defending Charles Taylor and Radovan Karadzic.

  5. I wonder if the chavistas have some kind of structure they are/have been building to retain AMCAP (as much control as…)? Maybe there is a re-revolution in the making…

  6. For those who believe in hell there is a special place reserved for this kind of lawyer, right near the center. What I find unsettling is the timing of these stepped up denunciations of international human rights organizations and tribunals. It’s as if some sick Bozo is suddenly worried about his legacy in the face of what he might be contemplating.

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