Framed choice

On October 7th, the Venezuelan people get to choose between this:

and this:

What’s for sure is that we’re heading into the weirdest, most volatile campaign in living memory.

As October 7th draws nearer, Chávez’s invisibility is going to become harder and harder to explain. The pressure to put him in front of the cameras, whatever state he’s in, is going to get more and more immense. Daily, his campaign handlers are going to have to sit there, size him up, and ask themselves: does it help or hurt to put him out there looking like this?

To me, this spells huge volatility and unpredictability. His die-hard followers will fall into line, of course, but I just don’t know how Swing Voters are going to react to a dying Chávez asking them for their votes. And all of that is assuming he gets to October 7th, which is by no means a settled proposition.

We’re looking at four months of imponderables now. The one thing we can pretty much discard, though, is stability over the next 12 months.

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    • It’s where he got his last jolt. Frankenstein had to get it from both sides of the head, but technology has improved since then. It explains why the first 20 minutes of his speech was basically the word “patria” repeated 100+ times, before the initial effects of the jolt wore off and he could remember what he was supposed to say.

    • It is only light falling through some structures, he was in the tent (the opposite of a shadow…)

  1. Duly zoomed and still think it’s a light beam. In addition to which, who would let him out with a prominent feature like and unexplained BandAid?

  2. They should have put a band-aid on his mouth. He literally disbanded his last supporters. Qué desastre!

  3. Apart from the cadaverous appearance, the message and the speech were outstandingly out of touch with reality. Who the hell drafted that government program, these are the main goals:
    El proyecto consta de 3 objetivos, el primero, “defender, expandir y consolidar la independencia”; el segundo, “continuar construyendo el socialismo”; el tercero, “convertir a Venezuela en un país potencia”; el cuarto, “que Venezuela contribuya a la creación de un mundo multipolar” y el quinto y último objetivo, “la preservación de la especie humana y la naturaleza”.
    Can anyone think of a more ethereal, out of touch program with the need of the common Venezuelan?
    Off topic: Venezuela is withdrawing from the International Labor Organization, so much for workers right

  4. This is a comparison I like much, much better (both taken from Wikipedia):

    1. About Capriles’ studies:

    “Capriles studied law at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and became a specialist in commerce law in 1994. He also studied tax law at the Central University of Venezuela,[15] and took courses at the IBFD International Tax Academy in Amsterdam, the Centro Interamericano de Administradores Tributarios in Viterbo, Italy, and Columbia University in New York. He is a member of the International Fiscal Association, as well as the World Association of Young Jurors and the Committee of Taxes of the Venezuelan American Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Venamcham). Capriles has work experience in the public sector, at SENIAT, Venezuela’s revenue service, as well as the private sector, at law firms Nevett & Mezquita Abogados and Hoet, Peláez, Castillo & Duque.”

    2. About Chavez studies:

    “Later, at the age of seventeen, Chávez joined the Venezuelan armed forces. He later recalled that he joined so that he would be eligible to play in the military baseball leagues.[17] He subsequently enrolled at the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences as a cadet.”

    • You’re right, it’s the age-old battle between the military and the civilians; except this time it’s the military that calls itself leftist…

      Suck on that tangerine.

          • There’s also “take your tomato”, “Suuuuuuugar, Daddy!”, and “He that is piqued is because he eats hot peppers”

            They don’t have the same ring, granted, but there you are………….

        • I have always loved saying “Another stripe for the tiger” and watch how english-speakers think I am a literary genius or something

            • I’m going to try not to mangle it too much, Jeffry so here goes:

              The saying, in Spanish is:” Otra raya mas para un tigre”
              There is a double entendre in the word “raya” (stripe) since in Venezuelan Slang it also is a “black mark” for someone.

              Fulano esta rayado/ Fulano has a black mark against him

              Hence, what is another black mark (stripe) to a tiger that already has many?

              • e.g.,
                A: Hey, did you hear Chávez went out and said something totally insane?
                B: Sigh…what’s one more stripe for a tiger?

          • “I am a literary genius or something”– I like this one-
            “Your mother wears army boots”- don’t know what it means?
            How about this ” I checked everywhere and I can’t find a
            giveashit anywhere.”

  5. At the least we can tell Chavez is suffering from big man syndrome. He has always subscribed to the “great man” theory of history, that history is shaped by a few important men, and not economic or social factors. Now he himself has become a big man, at least in the literal sense, and he is growing larger by the day.

    If he keeps dosing up on prednisone he may yet outstrip even the largest monarchs in history, like Henry VIII. He has already surpassed Bolivar.

    • You really think it’s Prednisone? Oh brother

      Major Side Effects:
      Difficulty controlling emotion
      Difficulty in maintaining train of thought
      Weight gain
      Facial swelling
      Depression, mania, psychosis, or other psychiatric symptoms
      Unusual fatigue or weakness
      Mental confusion / indecisiveness
      Blurred vision
      Abdominal pain
      Peptic ulcer
      Painful hips or shoulders
      Steroid-induced osteoporosis
      Stretch marks
      Long-term migraines
      Severe joint pain
      Cataracts or glaucoma
      Black stool
      Stomach pain or bloating
      Severe swelling
      Mouth sores or dry mouth

      ‘tamos chévere…

      • black stool = devil’s excrement.
        Now, he’s producing “sour crude ” out of both ends!!

      • I think you forgot side effects: Insomnia, motor-mouth, darting eyes, indecisiveness, decisiveness, bossiness, uncontrollable falling down, geriatric profanity disorder, chronic nagging…nagging…nagging…

    • I suppose there is a distortion mirror that could make Chavez appear “normal”?
      Maybe he has one in Miraflores?

    • When I saw the photos yesterday, I was immediately repulsed. Que asqueroso se mira! I agree that neither cannibals nor zombies, and that says a lot!

  6. I just read all 45 comments…….wow what self delusional hatred and no one mentions the vote intention (Sure, I know, it a technical tie) All criticism of anything and everything. You are all going to be crying in your milk when Chavez wins on October 7th with around 10 million votes. And be honest, that’s is how the panorama looks at the moment.

    No one metions how pathetic Capriles “address to the people” was. 19 minuts with almost 8 minutes of pauses…..and he had a million people to address even though Plaza Caracas was half full- ie about 6000 people.

    Chavez might be sick, and bloated but good looks and playing basketball a president do not make.

      • You are obviously proud of being the biggest asshole on this site. If only you were also aware that you are also the most ignorant…

        • and you have an insurmountable lead for
          Moron of the Month Award. Keep up the good work!

    • Wow Arturo, such foresight, I’m impressed, and as for your local intelligence ‘6000 people’ creo Los cubanos estan suministrando su información :-)

    • Good looks won’t do, there you are right.
      How about the resume, studies and master degrees?

      • Oh, and “charisma” doesn’t count either, becuase what could be charismatic for some, it could be repulsive for others, and the biggest liars of all times, the Don Juanes out there, have been quite charismatic.
        So? What counts for you?

    • “Plaza Caracas was half full- ie about 6000 people.”

      How come these foreign PSFs don’t show up in posts like the “Red Justice” one from a few days ago?

    • Just let them have their fun. What’s the point of taunting them? Or of asking them to “be honest”? Follow my advice and learn to laugh at their dumb jokes knowing that they’re only told to distract from their sense of impending loss.

      • Now the people who support those who shamelessly, unethically and illegally brake all rules to win an election come here and take the “high road” because they are sure they are winning.

    • You should point out that Capriles is throwing a pretty mean elbow at a person with darker skin tone, very close to being a foul. A thugish, racist cheater.

  7. “Una oposición delirante, demente, “cebada en su visión miserable de la vida”, que incluso días antes apostó a que Chávez estuviera físicamente impedido para inscribirse, en persona, como candidato presidencial. Para sorpresa de los necrofílicos, “el cadáver revivió hace apenas 24 horas, en medio de una gigantesca multitud para sellar la alianza con el pueblo, garantía de un éxito espectacular el próximo 7 de octubre. El resto de la historia es lo innombrable, lo marginal que queda tras la apoteosis de una victoria, cuando los derrotados se calcinan en la frustración y el odio”. – así son y así serán.

    I am patient you are desperate Juan Nagel!!

    • Your leader is on his last legs and you have no plan B. Sounds like you should be the one getting desperate.

      • Así estamos Miguel, the mere fact that this election is even close is a sign of how far off the deep end we’ve gone as a country. I mean, how can I guy that looks like that and is visibly dying even be a viable candidate? Only in Venezuela.

        • The “mere fact” that you continue to believe that “this election is even close is a sign of how far off the deep end” you are as a political analyst. Seriously Juan, absolutely no one relies on you for sophisticated insight into anything.

    • El cadaver revivio por unas 4 horas, gracias a las inyecciones previas, las inyecciones en el motorhome debajo del CNE despues de la inscripcion, y gracias al liquido blanco que le dieron (proveniente de Evo?) despues de subir a la tarima y hablar casi incoherentemente de la “patria” (decenas de veces) por los primeros 20 minutos.

    • What of it?

      This is real life, not the movies. A man with a bullet hole in the stomach is either in a high adrenaline situation, stoned to high heaven or going into shock from pain and blood loss. This very ill man, Hugo Chavez, might have well been excited or drugged, but he is gonna pay for it. He’s committing suicide in middle to long term, no less no more.

      And speaking of pay… Why are you egging this man to commit suicide in such a painful and horrible manner? Or do you give him up for already dead and say, what the hell, he’s good for a last win? He might not even be good for that either.

    • I bet that after Chavez dies (rather sooner than later), R2D2 is gonna come here and tell us that Chavez hasn’t died, that he still alive and we are all crazy.

      A question for you R2D2: What size of clothes do you wear? I want to do some charity work and donate a straitjacket for you.

  8. Quién es necrofílico? Quién vive obsesionado con los muertos y la muerte, y profanó la tumba de Bolívar? Quién intentó el asesinato de un presidente y su familia? No escupas pa’rriba, Arturo. El chavismo es necrofílico por definición y todo indica que está marcado por ese destino. No te olvides del “Patria, socialismo o muerte”. Todo tiene su hora.

    • más bien creo que comentó de esta manera: “no somos reinas de carnaval para andar en caravanas saludando con la manito”

  9. Si el hecho de que “el cadaver” reviviera es la “garantía del éxito”, están fritos. En serio, ¿cuánta gente creen que votará por un zombie político, al que sus más “ardientes admiradores” dejan hablando solo en la plaza pública? La hija tuvo que callarlo, porque hasta a ella le daba vergüenza, que ya es decir. Patético comienzo de campaña del líder intergaláctico, máximo e imprescindible.

    R2D2, yo que tú me buscaba rápidamente otra chamba.

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