Breaking News: Chavez goes to the CNE, Capriles responds

The first glimpse of Chavez after leaving Miraflores

The mystery is now over: Hugo Chavez is travelling to the CNE headquarters to register for the upcoming Octber 7th Election in top of a truck. He left Miraflores Palace a little after 4 p.m., Venezuelan Time.

At 4:45 p.m. he arrived in the CNE. He coming inside at any minute now.

He’s inside at 4:53 p.m. Looks good but huge. He’s surrounded by his entourage and wears the tricolor jacket and red beret.

5:00 p.m. The act is about to begin. Chavez is joined by daugther Rosines and his inner circle, including VP Elias Jaua, his brother Adan and National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello.

Chavez making the trip through Caracas

5:02 p.m. Chavez makes a political speech while presenting the formal requirements to the CNE board. Capriles didn’t do that yesterday. He’s praising the electoral authority and vows to recognize the results. I wonder why…

Chavez arrives to the CNE

5:07 p.m. It’s over. Chavez has registred his candidacy. He’s with his family, expected to come outside at any minute now. He shows his inscription outside the window to his followers in Diego Ibarra Square. He’s showing more movement than in the video presented days earlier.

5:20 p.m. He’s expected to appear on stage at any minute now.

So far, the difference between Chavez’s registration today and Capriles’ own act yesterday are big. Just the idea of Henrique doing what Chavez did is just unthinkable. Chavez gets away with a political speech in front of the CNE.

Chavez shows his registration to his followers.

5:27 p.m. Chavez in on stage. He’s in a podium filled with flowers. Globovision is having an ordeal to do their work. A speech is inminent. He’s singing with Venezuelan folk singers (including the signin’ parliamentarian Cristobal Jimenez), doing a contrapunteo.

The slogan of the Chavez campaign will be “Heart of My Fatherland”. Looks like the idea of running on his 14-year record has been discarded.

5:42 p.m. The contrapunteo ends. Chavez salutes the crowd and presents Former VP/Foreign Minister/Defense Minster Jose Vicente Rangel, who will do a speech. Ummmmm…. Why JVR of all people? He says that the choice in the upcoming election is between Socialism and Capitalism, between the fourth and the fifth, between Chavez and what he calls a person that can’t fill a 7-minutes speech (Hinting at Capriles).

5:49 p.m. “We have a full, complete Chavez here”. He dismisses Sunday’s opposition march. Chavez hugs JVR and will begin shortly.

5:52 p.m. Chavez praises JVR and starts to sing the national anthem. He sings the short version, instead of the full anthem that he usually does at rallys. He sings another song.

6:02 p.m. Unless he says something newsworthy or just plain weird, I’m out. As SFPD detective Harry Callahan said in “Magnum Force”: A man’s GOT to know his limitations.

6:11 p.m. Here’s a general picture of Diego Ibarra Square at this time.

Diego Ibarra Square, recently taken (

6:20 p.m. In case you are not watching or listening, then don’t worry. He’s saying more or less the same thing he does: “We’re awesome, the opposition will bring chaos, it’s me or disaster, etc.”. He will run on the same playbook he has used forever, with sentimentality dialed up to 11. Rosines is with him at the time. The heart theme says it all: “I love you, love me back by reelecting me. Everything will collapse if you vote for the other guy”.

6:44 p.m. Chavez calls Henrique Capriles “insipid and flavorless”. Looks like they won’t go for the “Frijolito” angle this time. Then he says him is the only thing which guarantees our independence. In Cuba, Russia & China, they’re laughing hard all the way to the bank.

6:54 p.m. Here’s Chavez’s full speech at the moment he registered his candidacy.

7:50 p.m. Chavez is still talking. Nothing newsworthy so far. Half of the people in the square have left already. Two full hours. Bocaranda said that his doctors allowed him to speak only 90 minutes. Looks like he completely ignored that advise.

8:00 p.m. Henrique Capriles Radonski is on Globovision, apparently live.

8:02 p.m. He’s very happy for yesterday’s march. It surpassed his own expectations. “Power is not a privilege, it’s a responsibility”. He calls himself a public servant. He insists in call his supporters for help, in order to solve problems. “The government is only speaking to itself, not to the country”

8:04 p.m. There can not be peace, when violence is taking lives everyday. About the difference between both acts: “El que tenga ojos, que vea”. Insists that yesterday’s march was one million people strong. He’s proud to have the people’s backing, via primary.

8:06 p.m. He loves the “casa por casa” tours. He loves to listen to people. He likes to solve problems, not picking fights. “If long speeches could solve problems, we should be the best country in the world by now”. The government refuses to talk about the issues.

8:10 p.m. “The problems of Venezuelans should be the problems of the President”.

8:16 p.m. Capriles speaks about Chavismo’s early hopes when they took over in 1999. The discourse of Chavismo today is totally different. Recognizes that Chavismo identified the issue of poverty, but they ended up stuck in words and not actions. “Venezuela has everything except a good government”. The violence has been multiplied five times and says the government wants citizens gets used to violence. Vote is the power to change. “I’m don’t want to bring the past back, but I’m committed to the future”.

8:22 p.m. “The real choice this October 7th is between life and death, between been stuck in the present and looking to the future. The government is too busy trying to destroy me.”

8:26 p.m. Chavez is still speaking right now. His medical team won’t be pleased.

8:28 p.m. Capriles speaks about his work as Miranda Governor, the position he left last week. “Miranda was an example of a government dedicated to solve problems”. Things got done, even if the national government took their resources away.

8:33 p.m. “Education is the way”. Capriles is channeling Tony Blair’s mantra. He promotes his employment plan.

8:38 p.m. If the CNE says you won, what will you do on October 8th. “Abrimos el dulce de lechoza”. There will be no political retaliation. He won’t see people as enemies. He remainds people he will assume on January 10th, 2013, when the real work begins. “I have never lost an election before”.

8:39 p.m. Chavez finishes after almost three hours. What he was trying to prove? The state of his health condition. IMHO, he didn’t clarify all the doubts. He can walk a bit and talk a lot, but is that enough?

8:43 p.m. Back to Capriles. If oil prices go down, our economy will suffer. Talks of a private sector-government partnership. “All things the government has done in the economy has been damaging”.

8:46 p.m. Asked about if he will recognize the results, he trusts the will of the people. His focus isn’t the CNE but the people who will work in the tables. “The people will speak on October 7th”.

8:52 p.m.Even if there’s still a segment left, I have to leave it here. What happened today? Chavez gave a proof of life in the form of a three-hour speech full of nothing. Capriles is not worried by the attacks against him. Chavismo couldn’t match yesterday’s demostration, even with all the State’s resources at its disposal. JVR is still a major player inside Chavismo. Ukranian striker Andriy Shevchenko can still score at 35 and I ate a delicious sandwich for dinner. This was my first official live-blog here, I hope you enjoyed it. All left for me to say is thanks and good night. Buenas noches. Gute nacht. Bonne nuit.

63 thoughts on “Breaking News: Chavez goes to the CNE, Capriles responds

  1. Si no entiendes por qué es el candidato de la Patria, Caroina, sabes poco de tu país. No doubt about who is in charge here looking at the images. Hoy demuestra la fuerza de Chávez pero pone a la oposición loca y peligrosamante golpista. Todavía no ha terminado ahora canta el la plaza……..


    • Si no entiendes porque tu piazo ‘e candidato esta acabado, mira las imagenes que posteo amieres.

      A ese cochino le llego su Sabado, R2D2, ve haciendo las maletas mi pana.

      There is no golpismo in the opposition.

      There were more than one million who marched yesterday with the next president of Venezuela, in a peaceful and happy manner. All of them were there of their own free will, no one had to bribe them with liquor and food to be there.

      How many of the ones that we saw today were there because they wanted to be there?
      How many faced threats at work if they didn’t go?
      How much liquor was given away for them to go?
      How much tax payer money was spent illegally in a clearly political ceremony, and clearly against the law?
      Por eso es que van a perder Arturo, por eso es que se van para la mismisima mier…….coles..


      • Chavez likely had un pañal doble under that loose jogging suit. Wonder how he talks for nine hours without a break?


      • I’m embarrassed for Arturo. Not only because he still believes in being ruled by rotting flesh with a track record of economic chaos and sold interests, but that he would be all ears for his candidate’s singing from the podium. Qué triste locura.


    • Al contrario Arturo. El que sabe poco eres tu. Te apuesto que solamente has votado una o quizas dos veces en elecciones presidenciales, cierto?

      Patria es todo el pais, y te garantizo que mas de la mitad no esta con Chavez, que ademas se adueño del canal del estado y lo convirtio en el canal de su gobierno, canal que pagamos todos, inclusive la oposicion, con NUESTROS impuestos.

      Chavez es el candidato del PSUV. Lo de la patria le queda grande.


      • Bien dicho. Espero que este inicio de campaña sepa para destapar de una vez por todas la trampa de las “encuestas”. No quiero volver a oir la estupidezde los 30 puntos de ventaja, ni nada que se le parezca. Eso quedó desmontado definitivamente.


    • As in: Military guy, beret, crowd provided care of threats/inducements. Spewing sectarian rubbish. Same old. I see he is alive, that is enough to fill my curiosity. I will pass on the rest.


  2. Excuse me.

    “Corazon de mi patria” suena muuuuyyy parecido a “Corazon venezolano”. Aparentemente van a correr con las dos, Chavez con la primera, el Gobierno con la segunda


    • The Casa Militar & State media people has harrassed the Globovision crew, making it difficult for them to do their work.


  3. The Globovision signal shows quite a number of people “exiting stage left” as the commandante continues to ummmm speak.


    • Dicc. de la Lengua Española, DRAE
      (Quizá del port. sipay, y este del persa sepāhi, soldado).
      1. m. Soldado indio de los siglos XVIII y XIX al servicio de Francia, Portugal y Gran Bretaña.
      2. m. despect. Secuaz a sueldo.


  4. Bolivar this…, Bolivar that… the Independence… We freed the people a second time… the Bourgeoisie… the Empire…Coup mongers… Lackeys…the Fatherland


  5. Is he really sick? He left Miraflores some 3 1/2 hours ago and he still seems to be walking and talking OK. Sometimes I’m afraid that he was never sick and he’ll come out and announce that now he’s completely cure, a miracle because God wants him to keep leading the country. People will buy this BS and come out in full and vote for him. I guess we just need to wait and see.


  6. Mamarracho gritando estupideces –
    chorreando delirios incoherentes –
    Los medicos have written him off a while ago –
    The funny farm handlers must be
    just around the corner,
    with super-potent tranquilizers.


    • I say … let’s have another march next week in support of victims of violence … and go after the violence monger himself. Undress the fear discourse … see if the pump him full of steroids again.


    • This is only an anecdote, but I think you have a point about steroids. I have had loved ones who were very sick but seemed perfectly fine in stints thanks to steroids. My great grandfather between his second chemo and death seemed so healthy as a little kid I thought he was fine, he died about two weeks after the last time I saw him. Being able to walk about and talk is not a sign of health, rather it is a sign that you are able to maintain a stable blood pressure and keep from throwing up. With modern drugs that is not hard.

      If anything, I worry for Chavez sake that he might be avoiding the best treatment for the sake of seeming healthy. Usually its when people decide to stop fighting the cancer that they seem to be getting better, in my experience. We know he can’t be totally recovered since he is leaving for treatment all the time, so it is only a question of how aggressive that treatment is.

      Unless the whole thing is a lie…


      • you either treat to cure or treat to prolong. Chavez started out with the questionable treatment for cure overlapping with treatment for prolong. Now it looks all prolong.


    • he looks like shit. I took prednisone for herniated discs…no sleep for three days. Note difference between steroid hormone like prednisone and anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) used to build muscle. At this stage, there are little to no benefits from Chavez being on AAS. The dosages and regimen required to have effects would be counterproductive for the patient. Prednisone on the other hand, we can see the results before our eyes.


    • it’s so gratifying to find such a fine balance from the bbc (…). Abraham Zamorano in video voice-over tells us of the “decenas de miles de seguidores del candidato Henrique Capriles” during Sunday’s march. His accompanying text describes the Monday march, “Antes decenas de miles de sus seguidores, Chávez …”

      Perhaps this is *journalistic allusion* to the tight race on 7O.


      • “Journalistic Delusion”–Reuters said “miles” for Capriles, and “decenas de miles” for Chavez–it all depends on your ideological BENT.


  7. I don’t know if he ais already at the terminal phase, but sure he had ad least a hard radiotherapy and the uncertainty if cancer comes again (and I think it would, chances are very high as he already had the reincidence). He can still talk a lot, but he doesn’t look healthy.


  8. There was a lot of mumbo-jumbo in that discurso! He spent time, for example, talking about How the Boli Revolution is going to pass “the point of irreversibility” as if there were some sort of geometry underlying his comments. I wonder when the USSR passed the irreversibility point? If there is a Marxist equivalent of psychobabble, this was it.


  9. Amusing point, politicians always like to imagine they are making changes that will last, forever. Marxist politicians are especially bad in this respect. In reality most of the things they do will not last more than a few decades at the most. Talking of a a revolution being irreversible in Venezuela is even more idiotic than saying Iran’s islamic revolution is permanent, given that Venezuela has been through five constitutions since its founding. At least Iran as the successor to the Persian civilization has some precedent for longevity.

    And on the timescale of human evolution, even the longest lived countries like China or Iran are constantly changing and did not exist for a thousand years in anything but an ex post facto analysis, given the vast changes in culture, legal system, language and movement of peoples.


  10. Guys and gals, I did not see Chavez yesterday so I cannot comment. I’m sure it sucked and the guy looked like he was going to blow up at any moment.

    But I have to say I am very disappointed with Capriles’ speech on Sunday. Not much substance, clichés up the wazoo. “Come te quiero Venezuela?. “Capriles” this, “Capriles” that, Wtf? No oratory skills to speak of. Too long, unnecessary repetition. The guy’s voice was hoarse, the sound system was bad. Also, why was he standing there all by himself?

    It just looked amateurish and unpresidential. I’m not sure these are the types of performances that are going to charm and convince the undecided and the chavistas light.


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