26 thoughts on “So, really, it’s Maduro or Diosdado, right?

  1. This could be regarded as trolling… chavistas and PSF. Talking that plainly about likely but highly unpleasant (for them) prospects. “Troll” on…

  2. The situation seems really difficult for the survival of our downward pointing thugocracy, if not, ask our very own (or is it just a coincidence?) chavista trollette who weepingly howls at http://is.gd/yd7ANa for the doomed autocrat to step in.

  3. From left to right: Pro-military and anti-cuban or pro-Cuban and anti-military.

    But seriously, if he were to survive until Oct. 7th. , he could quit Oct. 1st. in favor of brother Adan, who is also named Chavez. There can be no campaigning allowed those days and the new Chavez would be elected for six years.

    Suck that mandarina.

    • Remind me never to play cards with you. I just can’t win…
      (Your Indian name is “Chief Picawinna”, right?)
      Yes, I think you “called it”.

  4. anoint
    1. to rub or sprinkle on; apply an unguent, ointment, or oily liquid to.
    2. to smear with any liquid.
    3. to consecrate or make sacred in a ceremony that includes the token applying of oil: He anointed the new high priest.
    4. to dedicate to the service of God.

    Quico, since we know there was no liquid involved, are you suggesting chavez is God? ;)

  5. I guess the Dado vs Duro successor debate comes down to whether you think popularity matters or not. Military man & proven electoral loser Diosdado wont give a rats ass about popularity whereas Maduro has to be (more) inclusive.

    But I’m not sure Maduro has the gravitas to carry enough support with him. I personally think the annointed ‘idealogical’ successor will be whomever can appear to emulate Hugo easiest i.e. his daughter (I forget which one is trailing daddy around). PS. Adan is a non-starter.

    • Cubans calling the shots’ -the daughter is a “non-starter”. Cubans-1st choice is Adan.
      Cubans controlling the voting machines too..FARC sleeping at Adan’s house.
      Adan will try to be smiling “Mr. Friendly” all the while working with the intelligence network and the military to keep chavismo going exactly the way Chavez wants it and the way Castro wants it..Duro and Dado cannot do that.

  6. too bad the FP article uses the poorly translated version of the Dan Rather report, by noting “that Chávez is not expected to live more than two months”.
    It’s a small thing. But its inaccurate, sloppy, or deliberate cherry picking doesn’t add too much credibility.

    • yes i’m curious about this too. i don’t see an outright grab working for anybody, at least not long term. i don’t believe anybody would could hold on to power if there wasn’t at least the appearance of fair elections.

  7. Those are the most logical and expected candidates. However, what if we get a big surprise like Maria Gabriela Chavez. The 34 year old First lady, always besides her father, no ugly track record and huge emotional link with Chavez… I think we’ve had big surprises before, and I don’t think Chavez believes either Maduro or Cabello can beat Henrique. Maybe we’re in for a surprise!

    • C’mon people you can’t be serious! Maria Chavez is not royalty. She has no experience except standing in the shadow of her absent father these past few months. What about
      education-never mind. You guys are fishing for what?
      “huge emotional link with Chavez”–I wonder why after Chavez was so abusive
      to her mother…

  8. Yeah, what brought her back to Chavez- $$$$’s and travelling and partying.
    “strong emotional attachments” ?

  9. Hugo is granted Cuban citizenship and as a token gesture of appreciation, he gifts Venezuela to Cuba. Raul becomes defacto ruler.

    • You got it right!!! You know seriously- all Chavez cares about I believe is-
      “Cuba’s game”

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