Esta se cae de…

The last time your sunglasses got nabbed out of your parked car, did dozens of cops from two local jurisdictions (plus two separate CICPC teams, plus the National Guard) show up, cordon off the shopping mall where your car was, search it exhaustively, interview witnesses and hold the mall’s vigilantes for questioning?


It’s your own damn fault for having a dad who’s not even Foreign Minister.

9 thoughts on “Esta se cae de…

  1. The Revolución argument has the same big, fat fallacy as the Capitalist Democracy argument: They are selling more plane tickets than there are spots on their plains.


  2. No honor among thieves. Maduro just cannot believe that someone would steal from him at the same time he is robbing the nation.

    I wonder if some incriminating photos or documents were taken from the car?


  3. They just stole what was inside the car, not THE car, and it wasn’t even his car! Influence peddling in Venezuela? Nooooo, pa’ que.

    How many here have had a car stolen and the police didn’t do anything about it? Three in my immediate family.


  4. A pair of the ugliest traits of Venezuelans, unfortunately shared by other nationalities NOT deemed models of civic virtue and behavior:

    Obsequiousness and abject deference for those in power. Anyone, no matter what they done or not done, no matter how indirectly they are in power. Servilismo, pues.

    Coupled with contempt for the rules and standards of behavior that are supposed to make any power legitimate and society, civil. Eres vivo o eres pendejo?

    All this crap talk about Socialismo and Social-silliness in Venezuela… Could we exchange 10, 20,30, 40 years of that paja for weaning Venezuelans out of these traits? Then we could begin to talk about leaving the Colonial Period behind.


  5. This is quite strange…I mean, other powerful ministers’ cars have been robbed…in one case there was even one security agent being kidnapped and/or killed and there was NEVER such a police display…this is bizarre to say the least.

    I would not be surprised if there was indeed some stuff in the car they did not want to be around.


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