Note to Self: Stop Procrastinating and Write that Obit Already

This is what it is.

[Dan Rather] has been told that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez  has metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has “entered the end stage”.  The information and the quote come from a highly respected source close to Chavez and who is in a position to know his medical condition and history. This source says the prognosis is dire and that Chavez  is now not expected to live “more than a couple of months at most.” 

[Hat Tip: Fat man.]

82 thoughts on “Note to Self: Stop Procrastinating and Write that Obit Already

  1. It´s ballsy to set such an early date. “More than a couple of months at most”!!?? to me, this es just speculation, or a rumour from the government to make us look stupid when they prove us wrong…

    • Everything about Hugo Chavez’s medical condition in the last 12 months has been pure speculation. There’s not a single serious medical report presented to the public so far.

      • Agreed! no es q el pana no sea serio, o que otros no hayan acertado, es que como no hay información pública concisa los médicos no pueden sino especular con lo que tienen por lo tanto, no se puede concluir. Mucho menos, diría yo, lanzar esa bola que el pana está pérdida total y en dos meses va pal panteón (por ahora)… Damn son! hay que tener boolas pa cantar eso…
        P.D: ojalá sea verdad…

  2. Cuban double-bluff? Could well be. I’d normally let it go, except that Rather’s a guy with 40 years’ experience, 7 peabody awards, and no obvious axe to grind.

    • … and one big, fat mistake that cost him his job at CBS News, we should add.

      Still, he’s probably right about this one.

  3. Quico, Dan Rather left CBS under pretty bad circumstances having been fed that whole Bush memoranda information. I would take this with a grain of salt.
    I am not saying that Dan Rather hasn’t been around the block, but rather (hehe) that this might be part of the government’s PR campaign to portrait all non-government media (foreign and local) as being part of the conspiracy to bring them down.

    • I don’t know anyone who’s done the same job for 40 years who hasn’t made one serious mistake. Guy’s not omniscient, but is certainly no tirapiedra.

  4. “Chavez has been treated three times in Cuba …”
    Define: treated, Dan.

    Maybe it’s a slow new day for Rather. It’s not like he hasn’t been in the hot seat, before, for not authenticating documents. Oh wait, no it was not his fault, it was the fault of the news broadcaster. Uh huh. .

    Note to Quico: It’s high time you stop the love fest with journalists. Not all are above story-telling for the sake of a news-byte.

  5. I’ll believe when I see a webcast with the cadena of his burial, while I drunkenly book plane tickets back to Caracas with the sole purpose of taking a dump on the grave.

    • That’s just sick, disgusting, appalling … but I will gladly help pay for your ticket.

      • Question: if he dies at the same time the Bolivar mausoleum is completed, what are the chances they’ll insist on burying him there…

        • Oh, I look forward to wasting enormous amounts of time on *that* controversy…

        • Now I would not take a dump on anyone’s grave. But if they insist of burying him in a public mausoleum! Mausoleums and statues of the megalomaniac are fair game. If they erect huge statues, I want to buy the (hollow) head, for use as a W.C. bowl.

      • And what do you call it when Chavez calls us “Cochinos”, “Majunches”, “Pitiyanquis”, etc.? A love fest? Give it up, Pablo. He declared war on us, not vice versa.

  6. Here’s the interesting thing: Rather must have a source close to Miraflores. He is obviously not relying on Roger Noriega or Lucio Quincio for this one, right? So, who is it? Or, more importantly, why?

    Seems to me the succession game is definitely under way now. We should analyze everything under that optic.

    • Here’s my theory: Dan Rather has not interviewed Chávez. Why would he have sources in Miraflores? He has, however, interviewed Fidel Castro.

      Methinks his source is in Havana, which only suggests that the Cubans are nervous about Chavez not naming a successor, and they want to precipitate the next phase.

      • I can hear the phone call now:

        Fidel: Oye, Nicolás, sabes que nosotros conocemos un periodista muy bueno allá en nueva yolk que se llama Más Bien…

        Maduro: Más bien que?

        Fidel: No así, más bien, pero en inglés, me captas? Ah no claro es que tú eres canciller pero no hablas inglés, cosa más grande la revolucion. Rather se llama el hombre, y mira, bueno, ya que el jefe está un poco renuente a terminar de nombrarte rápido por qué no llamas tu a este periodista a ver si apuramos así la cosa, chico?

        Maduro: Claro que sí, Fidel, buena idea. Cómo es que es el número?

        • That’s *assuming* Maduro is the chosen one by the Havanese. I have serious doubts about that.

          • Hmmmm…the whole Maduro-is-Fidel’s-Guy trope seems to be unquestioned orthodoxy among most of the kremlinologists. This stuff is always so opaque you can never tell, but I’ve tended to accept it uncritically.

            Who knows, maybe it’s all wrong and Fidel wants to name Rosa Inés’s morrocoya instead. Actually, scratch that: the morrocoya might outlive him!

            • Well this will fit the pattern of Fujimori through his daugther. The other guy in Central American, that I can remember divorcing his wife so she could run for the presidency, Nestor and Cristina….

              To the Rather article I say …”Cronica de una muerte anunciada”…we know that it is going to happen…I think that within the next year…that it is why he is so secretive about. He is just keeping his card close to control everything to the end…he is to narcicistic …remember Chavez es el pueblo…

    • “So, who is it?”
      Guá, Marquina.
      “Or, more importantly, why?”
      Because the Marquina brand needs new marketers (“voceros”).

  7. Chavez’s Grim Reaper’s stock is going through the roof over at Intrade. Call it the Dan Rather effect.

    • And this is truly sick…I hate the guy but I would not convert my feelings in a “money transaction”

  8. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    These guys have made so much fun of people spreading roumors and then denying them so I’m not falling for it again.

  9. I ain’t buying this one, Rather o no Rather.

    Sounds more like a set up for “….and on the third day he rose and spake thus……”

    Even when his death is reported, I’m going to wait for a birch stake to be driven through his heart, along with a passel of garlic tipped silver bullets to be fired into him to believe the MF is truly dead.

    • Sounds like a job for this guy:

      Though methinks he’d be more appropriate for dealing with our “Nosferatu de los trópicos” José Vicente.

      • now you guys have really made me laugh. this dark humor is what sets us apart form the rest of mankind. lo and behold… you are too much! you make me smile as much as @chavezofficial or @correoguaire

    • A very healthy attitude, I should say. The S.O.B. does not have a metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma. By now, he should have lost a lot of weight and he shouldn’t even be able to walk if he had that type of cancer. The G2 has done well their job. One must congratulate them for their prowess. My take is that the S.O.B. has some hematological malignancy that could very well be in remission, and that has allowed the G2 to use it for political advantage.

        • It’s possible in some cases. But if you have a patient with a Psoas muscle tumor and one that has been operated on several times, would you expect him/her to walk normally. And, would you expect the patient to be in such a good shape after a year of being diagnosed of such a very aggressive type of tumor?

          • When lavici says she’s treated patients with methastasis (sic), she might add in what capacity. For it hints at the medical, when I suspect it’s psychological, two very different animals, indirectly related insofar as body-mind is concerned, but vastly different in terms of the scope and duration of study.

            Trouble is, in the absence of clarity or integrity, the Web allows one to create diaphanous weaves about oneself, with few being the wiser.

            • And I stupidly fell for it … until “methastasis” traveled all the way from the back of my mind to the forefront. We will have to wait for this person to reveal in what capacity she has treated patients with metastatic cancer, though I suspect we will be waiting for a long time …

            • “When lavici says she’s treated patients with methastasis (sic), she might add in what capacity. For it hints at the medical, when I suspect it’s psychological, two very different animals, indirectly related insofar as body-mind is concerned, but vastly different in terms of the scope and duration of study.”

              What do you know! Look what I found in another post:

              lavici: “it’s true marquina has talked about leiomyosarcoma not rhabdo… don’t know the difference myself.”

              Not even bothered to look the difference up, but quite eager to argue with one who knows, without having the credentials to do it. Truly the web is quite a jungle.

  10. Highly respected by whom? A lot of people despise those Dan Rather respects?

    Two things interest about this piece of gossip.

    1. The July 30 deadline on Chavez existence.

    The deadline naturally is elastic. If Chavez survives July 30, then the “highly respected source” can reset the deadline for the demise for either August or September like he or she reset the Feb deadline for July 30. The “source” is getting a lot smarter because in Feb, its gossip about the demise was retropective, that is, an event in the past. This time, the gossip is prospective. So, this new gossip cannot be instantly dispoved.

    2. Use Dan Rather to spread the gossip.

    Dan Rather was fired or forced to resign from his job as anchor for CBS Evening News for telling lies while he was on the air. If Chavez survives July 30, Capriles and his team will not look — more than now — like habitual liars. Rather Dan Rather will look like the liar. Clever of Capriles to falsify this way. We must give this Devil his due. After Dan Rather is used up, there are plenty of US journalists who will spread any lies for Capriles’ money.

    In sum, this seems like the same old tactic of Capriles to change the main subject of the campaign discourse to the cancer’s persistence or severity or the recovery from it. This change of subject could help or hurt either Chavez or Capriles. Before now, this subject has mostly helped Chavez. Capriles bets the compassion of most Venezuelans for Chavez at this difficult time for him will fade. If current Chavez’ lead in the polls grows or drops 5 or more points during the next two weeks, we’ll know who won and who lost on Capriles’ bet.

    • Spoken like a man who’s never made a single mistake in forty years. Oh wait, I’m sorry, did I say “man”? Spoken like an asshole who’s never made a single mistake in forty years, is what I meant…

    • “Clever of Capriles to falsify this way. We must give this Devil his due.”
      Pure rubbish.

    • Yeah, Capriles’s campaign swims in money… and can bribe Dan Rather to spread rumors about Chavez’s cancer. Pass the tinfoil hats around…

  11. And this comes from an ultraliberal, terrorist admirer and communist lover journalist, such as Dan Rather. His source must be as reliable as Castro himself.

      • Yeah, all the loons, including Rosinés of the blogger set who published a post about it, just this morning. “Ayyyy, Justin Bieber Dan Rather! Eres lo máximo.”

          • No one went first – too hard to resist…specially when Francisco mentioned the “all the loons” brought out by Dan Rather, which is true in life as it is online.
            major American Pop Culture Reference:
            In the 80’s Dan Rather was accosted and beat up by a man who yelled at him: “Kenneth, what is the frequency?” which in turn inspired REM to compose “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?”
            Besides being a top-3 national US anchor…Dan really was quirky and a
            weird events magnet /

  12. Reminds me of Mikado –
    Mikado. (looking at paper) Dear, dear, dear! this is very tiresome. …

    Ko-Ko. I beg to offer an unqualified apology.

    Pooh-Bah. I desire to associate myself with that expression of regret.

    Pitti-Sing. We really hadn’t the least notion —

    Mikado. Of course you hadn’t. How could you? Come, come, my good fellow, don’t distress yourself — it was no fault of yours.

    Mikado. Ha! ha! ha! (to Katisha) I forget the punishment for compassing the death of the Heir Apparent.

    Ko-Ko, Pooh-Bah & Pitti-Sing. Punishment. (They drop down on their knees again.)

    Mikado. Yes. Something lingering, with boiling oil in it, I fancy. Something of that sort. I think boiling oil occurs in it, but I’m not sure. I know it’s something humorous, but lingering, with either boiling oil or melted lead. Come, come, don’t fret — I’m not a bit angry.

    etc.. etc..
    Thankfully, the new The Heir apparent will be with us before the year runs out,

  13. Well, now that someone said it English, I suppose people will believe it. On the bright side (for those of us that cover state media) Chavez is almost certain to make a “Here I am!” type Fidel appearance.

  14. It’s pretty obvious the guy is seriously ill. He hasn’t made public appearances for quite some time now. By the way, Ive seen rhabdomyosarcoma and it’s bad.

    • Are you sure this is not wishful thinking and the guy is really recovering? Stranger things have happened.

      • No problem. I would (not) want to see him campaigning. For the likely result can be called suicide!

    • Not wanting to be obnoxious about bursting your bubble, but just a day after Bocaranda announced that Chavez had a fracture in the “brazo del femur,” whatever that means, I saw cancer-ambulante going down the stairs from his plane without any help. I am just a simple physician, but I can tell you that this guy hardly has a rhabdomyosarcoma of the psoas muscle diagnosed a year ago, and operated on thrice.

      • Ok, nobody is going to say it- Nelson Bocaranda
        feeling stupid-hands off to Dan Rather?

      • a fracture in the “brazo del femur,” whatever that means,
        I’m so glad that I was not the only one scratching my head on that brazo del femur business. I’m familiar with the cuello del fémur, but brazo? I tried picturing it without sucess. Boca’s source of *medical* information is REALLY questionable.

        • I guess he meant the diaphysis of the femur, it’s the only explanation. Now, I cannot imagine for the love of God someone receiving such a large dose of radiation so as to cause a fracture of the femur, one of the strongest bones in the human body, if not the strongest. I mean, were they treating him with a flame thrower? Then, the next day, you could see the guy walking down the stairs from the plane’s door without even grabbing the rail! And this, happening a full year after being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive tumor that you would expect to at least produce some sort of limp, even more so if the guy has been operated on 3 times. I am telling you: those guys at the G2 are really good.

  15. “Spoken like a man who’s never made a single mistake in forty years. Oh wait, I’m sorry, did I say “man”? Spoken like an asshole who’s never made a single mistake in forty years, is what I meant…”


    Please, let me demonstrate to you how quickly and easily “mistakes” come to me.

    Your apparent confusion about the term “man” is quite understandable, since you have spoken like the “asshole” who may have been arrested years ago in a car in the company of one of the presidential candidates in the parking lot of a swanky Baruta night spot.

    First Partner.

    Now, I’ve redeemed myself after “forty years” of uncomfortable saintliness. Yahoo for me!

    Now, please listen closely.

    Unlike some people, I shall never rejoice over or celebrate a medical affliction or an infection that befalls a man, even if he is or merely speaks like an “asshole.” Still, if anyone demands a candidate disclose the details of his medical condition, then — it seems to me — this inquisitive one should at least consider asking the opponent of this candidate to do the same disclosure at the same time.

    • You are welcome to your high horse. But, every time a scumbag like Saddam, Idi Amin, et al. dies I play “ha ha you’re dead”. Chávez is not quite on the same league, but feeling relief over the death of people like Mugabe, Assad or Kissinger is a very human feeling.

  16. That’s a pretty simple and very commonly employed media tactic to cast doubt on the lead while also covering your own ass by making sure it’s also published in your outlet. In Noticia24’s case, it may be a “double agent” type maneuver. The editor may feel obligated to publish something implying the Rather report may not be reliable. Instead of a first-hand take, they bring in the “darling” of the Bolivarian Revolution, who is more than happy to dismiss it credibility … which also has the effect of making Noticia24’s own readers take pause, since they don’t believe anything Gollinger says.

    Like Quico said about the Cabello posters, I don’t know if that’s what they did, but I hope it is. Because it’s wonderfully machiavellian.

  17. “Are you sure this is not wishful thinking…?”

    There’s something to this. If I were, say, trying to put out disinformation out there for the opposition to eat up, I’d go to Dan Rather. Worked wonders for Rove back in ’04. Get ready for the Chavez bump in the polls when he turns out to still be alive in two months. Let’s just hope not too many people (who should know better!) step on that comb.

    • Another reminders…
      1.Chavez just said few days ago…I will not be the same “caballo desbocado”.
      2. When was the last time that we saw Chavez walking more than 5 steps in front of a camara.
      3. What do you said of that very “naturally black hair”
      The guy is dying…slowly but dying…the tragic thing is that once again the futuro ofVenezuela depends of a narcicistic hijo de p.u.t.a. Like April 11, few narcicistics hijos de puta though that they could control everything!…and that it is the sad part and no that he is dying!

  18. All that crap about Chavez illness has only one purpose, keep people’s eyes off the ball, Capriles campaign and it is succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

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