OneChot shot

On August 2010, music artist OneChot released the song Rotten Town with a powerful music video. It went viral, and made him a subject of a criminal investigation. The lyrics describe the violence in Caracas.

Today news broke that OneChot was shot during an attempted robbery last night, just hours before starting a new promotional tour around Venezuela. Latest reports say he’s in intensive care. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and fans.

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  1. Geha, your posts are awesome, but can we keep this kind of fuzzy-heart stories out?

    Why don’t you make a post on the current statistics and efforts on violent crime?


    • Sometimes the numbers can’t reach or engage public opinion in the same way specific cases like the one above. When El Nacional published the secret study ordered by the government on crime, it made headlines for a day or two, then went back to normal.


    • I’ve specifically asked Gustavo to help us widen the number of topics we cover in the blog, with a focus on away-from-Caracas stories. This one is obviously not away-from-Caracas, but still the kind of story we haven’t been covering, and should be.


    • “fuzzy-heart stories”…??? Not the right choice of words to describe a brutal attempted homicide.

      This may not be statistically quantifiable, but if you can’t see the irony in this, then you have blinders on.


    • Carl-You are indeed one cold-hearted bastard if you can’t appreciate the irony of this story. A Venezuelan Reggaeton artist named OneChot creates a video about violence in Caracas that goes viral. As a result, the Chavistas investigate him (who knows what happened to this), and then we now hear sadly that he himself has been the victim of one shot to the head. I find it ironic that you accuse Gustavo of being “fuzzy-heart[ed]” and then ask him for “statistics on violent crime.” Get a life dude!!!


      • Respectfully, it really isn’t there.

        I was hoping that Caracaschronicles would be beyond this kind of cliché.

        Like I said, I do like Gustavo’s style, but this post seems amarillista to me… Leave it for the ads, you know what I mean?

        To those pointing out the irony of calling a brutal murder “fuzzy-heart,” I don’t mean fuzzy as in happy, I mean it as in stirring your emotions (which usually has the side-effect of letting go of the rightfully aloof rationalism).


        • Yow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a non-troll get 22 down-votes and no up-votes in the comments section, though. The consensus is pretty clear here.


        • i’d like to point out to carl, if he is a real person vs a robot. or lobotomized. that “fuzzy hearted” and emotions are a very normal part of being human, so stirring the said emotions would be a normal human behavior vs rightfully robotic aloof rationalism. and asuming and accepting the said emotions that living in vzla stir or arouse is absolutlely necessary not to go bonkers.
          thanks….the craniosacral therapist.


        • Dude, I founded the RATIONAL and Skeptic Association of Venezuela, and I do think your comments are misguided. The fact that we care about stuff like this does not mean that we are not interested in more general trend.

          We have an election to win, and we are not going to win it with aloof rationalism and technocrats. That’s a RATIONAL analysis of the clusterfuck we are in. If not because of basic human decency and empathy, at least think of that before shooting yourself in the foot.


        • “cliche”?? you’re killing me. Rapunzell Rapunzell let down your cartire hair and climb out of your Valle Arriba tower and meet the perro flaco cargado de pulgas


    • Beautiful land, rotten country. Land is just the territory; country is land plus government and population…and the latter two are the rotten part in our case.


  2. And think about this: If the incidence of crime in Venezuela were not of epic proportions, someone might be tempted to suggest that it couldn’t simply be random and that he must have been deliberately targeted for his previous actions. However, as it is, no one questions that he simply became a statistical victim of the crime wave he wrote about in “Rotten Town”, because we all know personally too many people to whom it has happened.


  3. I maintain that this post is amarillista and unecessary, and this is why:

    We all know crime is there, we all know it’s extremely bad, and most of us even personally know at least one person that has been shot at.

    I don’t come to caracaschronicles for my outraged/sadness fix, I get plenty of that from my inmediate reality.

    I come here to look at the cool analysis that may explain it.


    • I get that you want to see analysis that explains, or tries to explain what happens and why.

      And yet, begging to differ with you here, Carl.

      You want amarillista? Here’s amarillista:

      “Musical artist OneChot, who last year released a music video describing how the lack of clear government’s policies on crime have made it impossible to live in Caracas was shot last night during an attempted robbery. After 17,000 bullets flew by, missing a bus full of school kids by a hair, one got to OneChot right smack in the middle of his forehead.”

      “If you live in Venezuela, be sure not to go outside, day or night, and if you do so be sure to join your neighborhood security caravan composed of armored cars and bodyguards to get your shopping done”

      That’s amarillista, Carl.

      Letting the readers of this blog know that an artist covered here before, a person who was investigated for writing a song about violence in our capital city and was gunned down is a service, not yellow journalism. No exaggerated headline, no empty calls to action, no gnashing of teeth, just information.


  4. By the way, I think I now officially have the most dislikes for a non-chavista comment!

    (I don’t hold it against anybody, I just never thought I could surpass the likes of Cort and Arthur)


  5. Just to make it clear: you’re right, what you’ll be seeing from Geha is more of the kinds of posts you wouldn’t see Juan or I write. That’s exactly the point – to broaden the range of topics touched on, particularly with our non-Spanish speaking readers in mind. (It may be that you would’ve heard about OneChot anyway, but a startling number of our readers are not Spanish speakers and use as the main source of news on Venezuela – really!)

    Another thing about Geha’s role is that we’ve asked him to model these kinds of posts on what you see on Andrew Sullivan’s blog – very quick posts centered on a link to another story, or a video, just to alert you to a story you might have missed otherwise. The idea is that if you’re interested, you follow the links, if you’re not, you just ignore it.

    We’re looking for breadth here, and to point readers to interesting but easy-to-miss stories. (c.f., Dieguito and the Russian anti-sniper weapon). I think this is going to make the blog a lot more interesting, and I’m glad to see at least 22 others agree!


    • It bothers me that you are seeking to become more like other political blogs, which are all like eachother anyway.

      However, I now realize that my position is not only that of a minority (and a controversial one at that!), but appearently one of only a single person!

      I remain a fan, though I cringe at the thought of actually having to sift through the posts of Caracaschronicles.


      • I, for one, welcome your observation, carl. After all, that’s what makes CC a good place to hang out; all views are welcomed, unless they’re completely boorish.

        You know how every mainstream newspaper has a ‘Living’ section? Well, consider the ni-ni’s who are just beginning to dip their toes into political waters. This market needs softer stuff. The stuff of daily lives in Venezuela, affected by politics, crime, a co-opted police force, etc. (name one or many). Against this backdrop, GEHA comes charging in to fill the void. To paraphrase Guido, you can always pass.


  6. I met the guy at a Papyshanty/Molotov concert at the Concha Acustica , incredibly amable and he had nothing but love and interest for his fans and on a personal note, I love the music too. I wish him a swift recovery and hope that he keeps making music.


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