More russian weapons = Less “magnicidios”

Venezuela has become the largest buyer on earth for Russian weaponry in recent years. Guess the Russians were feeling the pressure to show show some results for all that cash, just the other week:

“A russian “anti-sniper” system, a gift given to the Venezuelan President, helped his security team to detect a sniper at 800 meters, while (Chavez) was near the border with Colombia. The potential aggressor escaped by crossing the border.”

Conveniently enough, the perp “escaped by crossing the border” so – ta da! – no need for evidence.

(Extra fun: here’s a video of the “anti-sniper” system – it’s actually designed to detect optical telegraphic sights. And here’s an uncomfirmable list of reported “magnicidios” up to 2010.)

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  1. Actually: 1) the list is not exhaustive and 2) at the start of 2011 I was: “what’s going on we haven’t got any magnicidio announcement?” And then I started to hear the rumours about the cancer.

    On the Russian toys and the 4.4 billions in loans for weapons of 2011, I read this from Kommersant (Kommersant 8 October 2011):

    Ante la pregunta de Kommersant sobre porqué Rusia le da créditos al país con mayores reservas de petróleo en el mundo según la OPEP, una fuente en el gobierno ruso declaró: “Chávez es nuestro socio y por eso la ayuda a su régimen sirve a los intereses de Rusia. Él usa los petrodolares en programas sociales y por eso (sic mío) en el Departamento de Armas podemos ayudarlo de manera amistosa.

    Another Russian source published a list of largest weapons importers. Venezuela came in position 10, almost as much as the US (the US is the main weapons exporter, but it also importa a bit). Neither Brazil nor Mexico nor Argentina nor any other Latin American country imported as many weapons as Venezuela last year.
    Russians are telling our military caste: “spasibo”.


  2. That was no sniper on the border with Colombia-that was a bird hunter.
    (There is a bird called a “snipe”)Anyway, there is no way to detect him,
    since he wore white and blended in with the snow….
    Those darn Cuban trainers did not show up to show the Venezuelans how to use it..
    That ws one of the items on the FARC Christmas wish list sent to Chavez..


  3. Are any AK-47’s in massive quantities being “dumped” — in commercial tradespeak — onto Venezuela? I just wonder, on account of the recently announced update to this rifle. Meaning, Venezuela’s oil cash has bought a Russian version of mirrors and trinkets. Here’s the story:–russia-to-modernize-iconic-kalashnikov-rifle?bn=1

    What other armaments are being updated, their older versions dumped on only too willing buyers in Venezuela?


      • actually the saying is really “beads and trinkets”, or “trinkets and beads”. it refers to the bargaining chips used by 15th century Europeans, newly arrived in the New World. To get what they wanted they “paid” unsuspecting Natives by opening a treasure chest of worthless ‘mercancía’. I thought that among this ‘mercancía’ were broken pieces of Venetian glass and mirror.

        Meaning …. that the Russians are dangling their old-model armaments (beads and trinkets) for US dollars from unsuspecting buyers in Venezuela’s army and militias.

        Trouble with that thought is that surely there are those in the Venezuelan army who would know the score. After all, It’s not like we’re living in the 15th century. There are well known trade shows for armaments, which I assume would be well attended by the purchasers the world over.


        • Yes, the old ones get passed down the line and end up …in the 3rd World.
          I would bet that Chavez promised arms to Haiti (Martelly -the President of Haiti wants to
          build an army and be part of ALBA,)
          And, how did I forget-the militias.


  4. Does anyone know how realistic an 800mt range is for a potential sniper? Wiki gives ‘longest-range sniper shot’ at well over 2000 mt. but that was in a war situation, Afghanistan.


  5. I am not going to stand out there at 800 meters and find out…
    No, I think the sniper would have @ a 95% or higher chance of making a kill at
    that range. Beyond 1200 I believe it would be below 90% depending on perfect
    weather for example..


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