44 thoughts on “Two Degrees of Fascist Slur Separation

  1. Difícil ser coherente cuando el que da línea (el líder supremo) no sabe cómo minimizar el golpe que recibieron el domingo. Las cadenas no serán suficientes, ni la torpe decisión del TSJ, decisión que trataron de ejecutar en Maracay, lo que produjo la muerte de un ciudadano. Aunque no tengo pruebas para afirmarlo, parece que mientras más tratan de desmerecer el triunfo de Capriles y de la oposición, más fortalecen la opción de la Unidad. Chávez tendrá que repartir mucho real para compensar el efecto multiplicador de las primarias (no es un factor a subestimar). La estrategia del miedo no parece estar funcionando. Por el contrario, está tendiendo el efecto contrario. Del miedo la gente ha pasado a la arrechera activa.


  2. I hear the same neo-liberal fascists are concocting a fascists scheme in which they use a bunch of machines, spread out all over the country, to attempt a coup on the president.

    The idiots… Don’t they know we can just shoot them down before they can violently ask the comandante to hand over power?


  3. Looks like a case of Ay sí simply because a bunch of perceivédly unreconstructed neo-liberal pre-fascist aspiring aspirants are concocting a radicality, seemingly configured for unseating a political figure by dint of mechanical results of an electoral event to be staged by minions of the political figure at the center of it all. [Good Lord!] The coup part, namely, “unseating a political figure by dint of main force” has nowt to do with the machine option that has become widely smiled upon
    on a wide scale globally, in which vein, it is worth mentioning that the likelihood of a pre-coup coup has also been bruited about.

    Anyone in on this plan is oughted to become apprised of the firepower accumulated over the years for just such an eventuality and which can be brought to bear against any individual with the looks of one liable to “ask violently”, in itself, no more than (possibly) a depiction of a person demanding his due after being egregiously shortchanged after buying a Reina Pepiada.

    As for the advisability of applying any sort of logic to official statements, behavior or whatever, AARRGGHH!


  4. This explains it all:

    Por otra parte alegó que se destruirán los cuadernos de votación, debido a que “la participación del pueblo representa un hecho histórico en estas primarias”.

    Any questions?


  5. At this rate, long before October, HCR will be Satan’s personal emissary, in the person of the reincarnation of Hitler on one side and the three stooges on the other. And, if we wait long enough, there will be claims of infanticide and cannibalism.


  6. Dear Amieres, You hit the nail on the head with an asseveration, in context, as clear as MUD. And so deftly configured, to boot!


  7. Guys, I thought we were over this! (*)

    All that Chavez is, is DISTRACTION. do not overanalyse waht he says, what he does not say, waht he does, waht he does not do.
    Look at it through a new looking glass if you will, and many things will “meke” more sense.

    Chavez is not the master, but the puppet.

    Who benefits from the status quo? who is savagely embezzeling and looting the treasury?
    Who is building a fighting capacity (small weapons, ammunition, combatants, ideology) for the day after? who has their hands blooded and will not give up peacefully…

    Ask youself these questions and gain a new insight. Now go read Chavez discourse and actions again. Clearer?

    (*) and Gals!!!, god save me form the gender equality squad!


  8. The whole MAJUNCHE thing is getting better. Now there’s new use for the word, by Twitter:

    M.A.J.U.N.C.H.E: Movimiento Activo de Jóvenes Unidos Nacionalmente Contra Hugo en Elecciones. Or MAyoria JUNtos Con HEnrique. Or Madres Jubiladas Unidas Contra Hugo Chávez Electoralmente. This thing has legs.


  9. I tell people this is a fascist government not a socialist government but nobody will listen (state capitalism, xenophobia, ultra-nationalism, militarism, one loud mouth guy in a uniform in charge, ridiculous clothing fetishes (the flag track suit), idol worship …etc etc.). As to when “socialism” may become some tropical version of national socialism, I don’t know. By the looks of things, before October maybe?


  10. From now on, there will be tons of situations that will put in further evidence the regime’s undemocratic features (endless Chavez propaganda; subservient courts; coy and partisan electoral authorities; politicized military; prosecution of political opponents; the list goes on…).

    The lead-up to the election is as important for democracy as the election itself. As we know, ours is not a level playing field. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of the regime, and let everybody know, along the way, any kind of undemocratic reaction from the government. They won’t behave democratically, unless they are forced to.

    Watch. Document. Think. Write. Let everybody know what’s going on. Wash and repeat.


  11. Every abuse. Every infraction. Every insult. Every action who shows how low they’re willing to go.
    It must end up registered, documented, proven. Sooner or later, justice will come and the evidence will be overwhelming. Retribution and reparation is something who cannot be put aside.


  12. Canucklehead, At the end of the day, be it fascist or socialist, or even semanticist, what difference does it make to the situation on the ground? Or to the sort of measures necessary to manage matters? This barney about whether ’tis one or the other could be deemed something of a waste of time.

    Mr. Luís, As for the ultimate beneficiaries, Cuba aside, that detail has been bandied about of late, notably in the latest Noriega piece. Still, what manner of overt strategy change is rendered necessary? The emblematic front remains the same. If it can be carried off, that route surely has more promise on multiple fronts than loins-girding efforts in preparation for some dreadful set piece confrontation. The time for boxing cleverer by the day is upon us so, though in one sense, you’re on the money: inhabitants of dimly lit recesses of the regime cannot be lost sight of, it is hard to see how they are running the show, á la puppet master that you suggest. All health musings, snippets that seep out etc seem to show Our Man as very not being, so to say, one that can be puppet-mastered, even by those with the best of intentions and his well-being at heart. A chaotic prospect indeed but not one that really makes life any easier either for players seeking to keep things as developments accelerate. One has to ask, just what can be gotten away with?


  13. PS: In this general vein and possibly at the behest of military gents with personal agendas as suggested by Luís, in preparation for what exactly was the runrunes bit today hinting at in that single paragraph about Hercules C-130 aircraft being loaded with boxes identical to those used to bring bullion from England and destined for, Bocaranda dixit, Havana?


  14. I am not a political scientist, but my understanding is that negative campaigning works, and that it is important for the candidate to define himself, and not allow negative campaigns to define him/her for the public.  I am also under the impression that lies must be cleared up immediately before they spread.  

    Part of the success of negative campaigning comes from people spreading mis-information virally.  Although I understand that it is necessary to document the racist, fascist, homophobic insults, we have to be careful of becoming carriers of the negative virus and inadvertently spreading it.  Both Alejandro Tarre and Miguel Octavio have posted copies of the vile attacks from state sponsored institutions. Does it make sense to have this misinformation accessible?  Rebranding Majunche is clever and fun, but in the end, aren’t we promoting it?  

    With his insults he sets the agenda.  We can’t let him do that. 


      • Personal negative campaigns work when the candidates are close on the issues and they start throwing mud at each other (generally for past indiscretions). In the US, historically, the party that has chosen to run negative, “brimstone and fire”, the world is ending, and this country is going to hell campaigns usually don’t do well (with the 2010 “Tea Party” congresional elections as the exception.)
        The 7O presidentials will be interesting in that it’s clear Chavismo will go with a mix of trying to tie HCR with the 4th (“Es el candidate de AD y Copei, de Carmona”) as well as personal attacks (Baby eating, Nazi Arian Jew with ties to OD). HCR counters with a much clearer there is an option: the Venezuela we have now, or a better one.


      • You have hit the Nagel am Kopf, Herr Juan!

        A week ago the ICSID convened to hear Hugo’s seizure of the Brisas gold mine, which otherwise by now would have hired those poor garimpieros that the army just evicted (again). At stake is a $2billion arbitration claim. A few days before that, Hugo declared that he would ignore the decision of the ICSID – a totally futile, empty defiance. It is obvious that his own ICSID lawyers, having just met the postponed deadline for submission of documents, told him how weak Vz’s case is. Hugo would never bluster about quitting a game he expects to win – as he did against Cemex.

        So yes, I believe Chavez also fears Capriles as a harbinger of his political doom, and perhaps his personal doom. He is desperately shooting from the hip at ghosts, the only way he has left: with his mouth.

        A Roman might say: “Stamp your feet, Pompey!”

        Hey! Ridicule him with confidence, but try to show some pity for the poor bugger.




  15. When Chavez accepted that 3 millions where possible, he 1- took the bull by the horns and silenced all his cronies; 2- intended to change attention to destroying HCR. He realized that part of the game was lost and resorted to what he likes to do better. Attacking.

    That’s what he’ll do from now on…


  16. This is the select group of countries that voted against the UN resolution for the government of Syria to stop the massacre. The list of shame:
    Belarus (the last European dictatorship)
    Bolivia (Evoland, ran by Chavez’s lapdog, member of the beggars club)
    China (Ruthless capitalism under dictatorial powers)
    Cuba (50 years under dictatorship and in my opinion the saddest country in the Americas)
    Ecuador (Correaland, member of the beggars club)
    Iran (21st century pariah of the world)
    Nicaragua (a country ran by an ex-guerrilla and a rapist, part of the beggars club)
    North Korea (no comments)
    Russia (Their only interest is Syrian oil and their strategic positioning in the region)
    Syria (…)
    Venezuela (New age dictatorship ran by a deranged military man)
    Zimbabwe (30 years of dictatorship)


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