12 thoughts on “Quico’s Instant React

  1. I liked it, Quico. But I mention this, in reference to your He served for four months in 2004 on implausible charges relating to the 2002 attempted coup against Chávez. (He was eventually acquitted.):

    Wasn’t it yesterday that Capriles made clear to a chavista-minded journalist that a civilian cannot be engaged in a coup. By definition.


  2. “Though he is nobody’s idea of an exciting public speaker…”. Pues me gusto como se desenvolvio en la primera rueda de prensa despues de las primarias, solo he visto algunos videos sueltos, quisiera ver la rueda de prensa completa, la ando buscando desde ayer y nada, si la encuentran podrian publicarla? Saludos!!


    • de igual manera agradecería ver la rueda de prensa completa.

      With one exception, where he los his cool a little, defending the 3 million votes for the oppo, I think Capriles has been doing a fine job of navigating. I’m impressed. And I can see why he was overwhelmingly chosen, above the other pre-candidates. I will be only too happy to give him my full support in October.


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