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  1. OK, calmate William. There are rules to deal with claims by the MUD. Mouthing off is not cool, specially right now. You’re not helping. Coja minimo and make your claims by the rulebook.

    Ecarri was just asking for a review because the difference in Libertador between him and Ismael was below 1%. Apparently, the result in petare is indeed close as well (739 votes of difference). But, this is not excuse to do this. They’re two ways to do this: the right one and the wrong one. Guess what way who choose today? Exactly. #NoEstasAyudando

    The ego… In the end, the ego don’t let people think straight.

    OT: The liveblog is gone or what?


  2. Actually, I think Ojeda is a much better contender to the Chavista candidate than Caldera is. And his proposals were pretty good, although I understand the importance of giving continuity to what Ocariz did.
    Caldera had two porta-aviones, Capriles and Ocariz, and he still won by very little margin. Remember, it´s Petare…
    I know of two people that voted in Petare and wanted to vote HCR, Ocariz and William Ojeda. But they got confused at the machine and voted for Caldera instead. In the end, they were like “damn it, I forgot…. But well, whatever”. I guess the chuletas really have a subconscious
    effect on the voters. Just sayin’ …


  3. “Ojeda fue consultado sobre la situación que se está presentando en el Municipio Sucre, y dijo que está analizando cada uno de los centros para pronunciarse públicamente ante el país en torno a los resultados de las Primarias, cosa que dijo hará en las próximas horas.”

    I’m not sure whether you’re a victim of your pro-PJ confirmation bias or it was just the framing that got you confused, but it’s not like Ojeda is screaming “foul play” a los cuatro vientos or going to the TSJ. From what I read, the guy is asking for a vote recount and the noticias24 asked him about that. The “statistical inconsistency” stuff looks like a hand picked quote to attract more readers to the article. Just good old internet marketing…

    I know we are all hypersensitive about the TSJ shenanigans, but let cool heads prevail…


    • OT but not so OT:

      Now I am noticing all Venezuelans are using this ‘statistical inconsistency’ and ‘expected values’ and all people are starting to use charts, even if half of the time they don’t make any sense at all (like Jorge Rodríguez’s concoctions).

      Let’s hope this contributes to the promotion of statistics studies in Venezuela and of mathematics in general, so that we not only have Bolivarian mathematics (the 3-minute axiom to compute fraud) but some actual analysis of trends and patterns that make some sense.


      • Unfortunately it’s nothing but “monkey see, monkey do”. I was astonished when a friend told me that her mother – a well-read middle class UCV architect – thought Mario Silva#s numbers were right. I don’t know if it’s just the anti-politics bias or just plain stupidity, but it’s hard to take.
        If the well-educated people cannot find the faulty logic on Silva’s numbers, what can we expect from people with an average education (7th-8th grade perhaps?).
        I guess It’s not just a matter of fight against illiteracy and propaganda, but also against innumeracy.


        • Stupidity could be pretty contagious. And the lack of education doesn’t help. Many people don’t like maths, including yours truly, but it is necessary somehow.

          Until this day, I haven’t used Algebra on my daily life.


          • Surely enough, not everyone needs a lot of it, but you have to agree it would be useful if a large proportion of people in the general public could spot right away the inconsistencies in numbers presented by the government or just the bad reporting when people try to analyse murder or inflation by looking at local maxima or ignoring the very basic concept of “rate”.
            Also, there is some basic foundation of logical thinking you got at home and in school. That is even more important than algebra and that is very much lacking among a vast amount of Venezuelan.


        • Sure, sure. We have a big issue even with very basic logical thinking. A Spaniard, computer guy, married to a Venezuelan was telling me his experience with Cubans…he said that even apparently well-educated Cubans were drawing “logical” conclusions where logic was absolutely raped…and I started to realise his examples could very well be found in Venezuela as well.
          Going back to my old friend Humboldt: he remarked
          “Though I have had the advantage, which few Spaniards have shared with me, of having successively visited Caracas, the Havannah, Santa Fe de Bogota, Quito, Lima, and Mexico, and of having been connected in these six capitals of Spanish America with men of all ranks, I will not venture to decide on the various degrees of civilization, which society has attained in the several colonies. It is easier to indicate the different shades of national improvement, and the point towards which intellectual development tends, than to compare and class things which cannot all be considered under one point of view. It appeared to me, that a strong tendency to the study of science prevailed at Mexico and Santa Fe de Bogota; more taste for literature, and whatever can charm an ardent and lively imagination, at Quito and Lima; more accurate notions of the political relations of countries, and more enlarged views on the state of colonies and their mother-countries, at the Havannah and Caracas.”
          Well, if at least we did have accurate notions of political relations…now a very large minority of Venezuelans think Europeans are starving and one can be a Maoist-Trotskist-Marxist-non-communist


  4. Hi, I’m William Ojeda, and I come dressed as Herod for Christmas parties.

    Hi, I’m William Ojeda, and I flirted with everyone during my wedding day.

    Hi, I’m William Ojeda, and I like to eat Pork Ribs on Good Friday.

    Hi, I’m William Ojeda, and I wrote a book titled “¿Cuanto vale un Juez?”. It was mere irony.


    • “Hi, I’m William Ojeda, and I wrote a book titled “¿Cuanto vale un Juez?”. It was mere irony.”

      Yeah, the prices were all wrong. I think he used wholesale and not retail numbers.


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