Capriles-Induced Crack-Up Update

Allegory of Mario, Perez Pirela and Jorgito, Kool Aid in Hand

This thing is snowballing. Now Jorge Rodriguez – yes, m’friend, Jorge Frikkin Rodríguez – is jumping in on the zaniness, this time armed with some charts that look very literally to be hand drawn on the back of an envelope. Amazing!

Elsewhere in Chavista crack-up news, RNV goes there. Oh yes, they go there.

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107 thoughts on “Capriles-Induced Crack-Up Update

    • I declare myself very surprised by all this. I mean, really, this kind of comprehensive crack-up was not on my radar screen at all. How endeble is the tarantin on the other side, vale?

      • It seems such as misguided and illogical reaction to the results, the chavista leadership seems to think that they need to convince the hardcore base that it was impossible that the opposition could get that many votes without realizing that the Ninis, the swing vote who’s going to end up deciding this election in October, might end up leaning towards the opposition after such crazy and deranged theories, so I hope they keep the craziness coming and Its way too much fun anyway

    • Oh, my God! They are accusing Capriles of taking part in an Aryan organisation performing obscene rites AND being a Zionist at the same time…
      how mental can they get? It’s as if they were reading from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Soviet propaganda pamphlet, Chigüire Bipolar and all that while drinking home-made cocuy.

      I suppose that can only come from people who support a guy who “is not a communist but a Marxist, a Trotskist and a Maoist”…a guy who, in the end, thinks Idi Amin was not such a bad man and that capitalism destroyed Mars.

      I wonder how long they can keep up with this rubbish.

    • That’s just about the most vile & disgusting article (RNV) & smear campaign that I’ve ever seen.

      The thing is this is just what the cult members want to hear. They need a reason to justify their crazy irrational beliefs & they will believe it & spout it continuously until a certain segment of the voting pool has doubts.

      This is happening just 1 day after the elections. Prepare for a continuous stream of this for the next 8 months.

  1. Ad the use of boldface in that N24 article is downright nauseating. I wonder how far they will push that particular issue. I hate to say it, but in Venezuela, it could pay…

      • I´ve been saying this for awhile now… N24 is red, very red, they just have opo and nini readers that they are trying to manipulate.

  2. OT, but kind of suggested by Q “off the radar” remark and the clusterf**ck chavecismo seems to be swimming in. Would it be possible or conceivable that El Otro, facing an electoral defeat decided not to run? Sort of retiring “invictus”? He has a handy excuse, his cancer, and it seems to me that his narcissistic personality can concoct a self engrandizing story that would avoid handing down the presidency as a defeated candidate.
    Again, just asking and thinking within the weirdness…

      • “ANYTHING”? why, I wonder, don’t you get your knuckles smacked by this?
        As you know, “ANYTHING” includes all kind of odious scenarios: mud sliding, of course is the first one, a self inflicted coup has been mentioned; but you have to add fear mongering and even murder. Are you ready to admit that El Otro would kill, or facilitate a killing, to stay in power? even if I think he is responsible for the many deaths of 4 Feb 92, I prefer no to cross that line…

  3. Meanwhile, Eleazar Diaz Rangel, the same guy that said before the primary that only a million people would show up, has accepted the vote as “legit, transparent and clean”.

    Given the fact than Jorge Rodriguez is attacking the CNE, where he was VP before becoming alcalde and ergo, attacking the integrity of Tibisay Lucena, su suplente personal, tells you all you need to know about Chavismo’s state of mind. My theory is no longer just a theory. This is real.

    • Chavismo has gone so far off the deep end that a radical loon like Díaz Rangel now comes off as the sane voice of moderation.

  4. This is exactly what happens when you are surprised, you no longer have a party line, people react at random and their worst instincts come out. The MUD (not Capriles) has to simply come out and remind everyone who ran the election: The Chavista CNE. I am having fun, been looking at Rodriguez’ doodle trying to make a funny post, but reality seems zannier than fiction..

  5. “Fíjate lo que pasa en el estado Amazonas, el municipio Átures, en la Unidad Educativa Integral Bolivariana Félix Ramón Ribas. Participación: 27,4%, más de dos veces la participación que supuestamente hubo en todo el país; allí hubo 730 votos para presidente y sólo siete votos para alcalde, esta desviación es imposible. Ese precandidato a alcalde tiene derecho a preguntar por qué solamente siete votos si hubo 730 votos para Presidente”.

    That’s quite weird. First, is this for real? Second, what the fuck happened?

    • The MUD has not yet published results broken down to municipal level for the presidential vote – JR has better access to the data than we do BECAUSE CNE RAN THE ELECTION. If he wants to know what the fuck happened, why doesn’t he ask the Plan Republica soldiers stationed at EVERY polling station!?


      • If he actually has seen the data and if that data is the one he’s saying.

        The key here is if Jorge Rodriguez has the credibilty to say this. He doesn’t.

        The smoking gun: The evidence is hand drawn on the back of an envelope.

    • Do you know what is quite weird?

      THIS is weird (Areo, Monagas, 2009)

      One of the women who voted in Escuela Morita was born before Juan Vicente Gómez
      CI 18204. She was still alive in 2010, but apparently we killed her then by blogging so much. She was 137 years old.

      But quite honestly: I don’t know. I know on Sunday I went to the place I had to vote in and I had forgotten my cédula (most stupid thing I have done in ages, I had already complained people had done that previosuly).
      Half the people in that voting centre knew me and yet one of my friends, who was head of the voting centre, told me: sorry, law is law.
      I said OK, I took the train back, walked home with -10, got my cédula and went back , spending 2 hours more than I wanted (thanks God I could read on the road)

  6. This may all be unplanned, and crazy, but it’s a slippery slope for them not to accept Capriles beating chavez in October. MUD needs a strategy against that, and start pounding it, quickly.

    For example, if this had been a coin flipped 3 million times that gave 60% heads, and 40% tails, it’s reasonable for someone to hypothesize fraud, even before the coin is analized. Statistical runs on the coin flips would determine if the 60:40 is statistically significant after 3 million flips. But the only ways to get *evidence* would be to analyze the coin, or investigate the methods used for flipping the coin, or the environment in which it was flipped, etc.

    Would it be reasonable to conclude it was fraud if the statistics does conclude significance *and* no one were being allowed access to the environment, the flippers, nor the coin? What if the organizers quickly ran to destroy the coin? By definition, it would be a fraud, even without the evidence.

    If the CNE gets tainted now, get ready for such a coin flip situation in the future with chavez winning 60:40, or more, with no evidence to analyze.

    • interesting points raised, ET. for I’ve thought about this in more simplified terms. haven’t we seen that movie before, where the CNE allows an oppo (interim) win, before it makes room for a pro-government vote, a few months later?

      • The TSJ took it one step further, now it’s a fork choice between destroying the data which creates doubt over the process, or hand over the data which will endanger all who voted creating bad blood towards the MUD as well as doubt over the process. I say destroy, as agreed; someone volunteering to take the fall, that is, a hero.

        • Obviously, the court could have no legitimate basis to prevent destruction of all ballots NOT involved in the particular mayoral race objected to. Those others should be destroyed as per the plan. Then persuade this candidate to drop his complaint.

          • The real problem I foresee is that if any of the data gets out, chavez will be able to pressure the soft chavistas who voted into claiming that they didn’t vote, so someone must have voted for them, fraudulently. If he can succeed with enough of those recants, he can claim the whole process was fraudulent, so they can get access to all the information. What’s worse, they can claim that all those involved committed an illegal act, so they all get “grounded”.

  7. Now I have to ask: who on earth do they think is going to believe that? I know hardcore chavistas will, but does Capriles needs them? I hope not.
    Who else? nini’s? If they have a little bit of education they will know that this is wrong from many points of view. Not only the antisemitism but also the implication that he’s gay. I wonder how many jews and gays would be within the nini’s?
    I would just dismiss the whole thing, maybe make a little joke and move on.

    • Dismissing or joking about racist, homophobic, etc. slurs may well be the best way for HCR to react in the context of the campaign. I believe that one of his strengths is his intentional or unconscious mastery of jiu-jitsu, a trait worthy of more detailed analysis,

      (“a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon, or only a short weapon.[1][2]

      “Jū” can be translated to mean “gentle, supple, flexible, pliable, or yielding.” “Jutsu” can be translated to mean “art” or “technique” and represents manipulating the opponent’s force against himself rather than confronting it with one’s own force” )

      However, I also believe that, as a society and as individuals, we cannot ignore or dismiss hate mongering based on whatever reason and have to take a stand, even if we are not Jewish, LGBT, black, “micos”, or, hey, white, etc. And not only due to the reasons attributed to Brecht but because that’s not the kind of society we want to be.

      Fortunately, there have been adverse reactions in some media (Roman Luzinski on Union Radio for one) and many on social networks,

    • Plenty of gay people are ninis and chavistas. I do not think that campaigning for gay rights will take votes from Capriles. The hyperconservative are still going to vote for him anyway, but campaigning against gay rights or ignore the issue will deprive him from votes. Around 5% of people are gay, so this might give him the extra boost he needs if the race is close.

      I might be wrong, but, ask yourself, do you know anybody that would stop voting for Capriles if he supports gay rights?

  8. Let’s review the bidding: so far Capriles is a radical jewish gay member of a hyperconservative antigay catholic reactionary group.

  9. Actually, if things play properly, their hate will be a huge boost to the gay rights movement. I have seen quite a few homophobes that now are saying that, gee, it cant be true, but even if it is, it’s not a big deal anyway.

    This is too ironic.

  10. And, I realized something, reading Aporrea, something I had not noticed before. They are hurt mainly because of the three million, but also because the results are not playing their narrative: They were expecting a closer result, even swooning at the perspective of PP being elected, as they could say a lot of stuff about AD, COPEI and the past. Now not only they cannot (but they are going to try), but they have to face the fact that there was a rejection of the past, as opposed to more of the same, and they were expecting AD to go nuts and start blaming the others of fraud, they were hoping for Ramos Allup to divide, and that didn’t happened also (either?/neither happened?).

    We got many more votes they were hoping for.
    The candidate of the change won by an outstanding margin. He obliterated the guy with support from the old parties.
    There hasn’t been any infighting, but an unified front, and their efforts to make AD turn against other have been fruitless.

    PD: The guy pisses me off, and we catch him lying through his teeth, but kudos to Ramos Allup for staying cool and supporting Capriles and the MUD. Please, Henry, keep that way until October.

    • very good summary, I would add that they are also very upset about “pueblo” voting for him, including ex-chavistas. They expected the primarias to fail and they would have ignored the winner. But now they really fear that Esteban could not be reelected.
      It hurts so bad, que chillan…

    • Wow! I thought much the same and you said it better.
      You wrote about “catching him lying throgh his teeth”-that is what needs
      to be done to each and all Chavez and his minions.
      Note-then they get “off script”- it is harvesttime-ie.nuts falling from the tree.

  11. One detail: Didn’t HCR win BECAUSE he didn’t indulge in hate speeches and preached love, union and understanding? So with all the government hatred coming out by the truckload, wouldn’t that be the final straw the pushes ni-nis away from the dark side? Remember that in total, self-identified chavismo never passes 26% in any poll. If the opposition doesn’t win by landslide every election is only because ni-nis are over 50%.

    And keep one thing in mind: top chavistas aren’t really angry at the CNE, they’re angry with Plan República (which was not supposed to allow that to happen), but they cannot express that anger without insulting the military which they desperately need to be on their side. So a good opposition tactic would be not only remind everyone of CNE’s participation, but that Plan República was there. They should mention it every single time the subject comes up.

  12. Beyond the first few sentences, I couldn’t read all of Adal Hernandez’ hate-stirring craft, purposely beginning with Capriles’ Jewish origins. Nonetheless, I want to see more pus, to see how extensive it is. For instance, I’m wondering about the nonsense from other *darlings* who try to interpret Sunday’s results? Where’s the opinion from that winsome little US-born moppet and chavista apologist, Eva Golinger? Seh’s always so quick to jump onto the chavista-celebrity bandwagon. She’s like a little mouse all of a sudden. Or is she finally maturing? Nah, the lure from center stage is too strong.

  13. Wow, well done RNV. I love how the guy starts saying: Capriles is a Jew, Jews are Zionists, Zionists are racists, very rich and powerful and ultimately want to destroy the world… after all that he says: “y el supuesto antisemitismo de la Revolución Bolivariana.” PLOP!

    I sincerely hope that Chavistas frame the 7O elections as a fight between Latin American Integration vs. World destroying Zionism.

  14. Wow, where to begin…

    Let’s go with Jorge. First, the graph? Hilarious! I like how they printed the header, and the vertical axis labels, then drew the lines. All I can say to him, though, is that I will start taking you seriously about questionable graphs when you start explaining the stuff here: . I’ll settle for pages 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. You know, from the election that happened under your watch, back when you were the (“neutral”) head of the (“impartial arbiter”) CNE. Without that, you have NO credibility.

    “Según Rodríguez, las mesas de votación de un centro electoral deben tener un comportamiento que en estadística se conoce como “normal”: los porcentajes de participación, votos nulos y votos por los candidatos deben ser similares entre sí, y que los centros de votación en los que estas cifras fueran disímiles deberían ser auditados.”

    I agree, absolutely! Where were you in 2004, Jorge? Or did you actually study statistics in the interim, so now you have a clue when you didn’t before?

    On late results, if that’s reason to call into question the entire validity of the process, I guess the current Constitution isn’t even valid. Has the CNE EVER presented the final results from that referendum? What’s the lesson from that for the bozo floating this idea?

    RNV: “En octubre hay dos propuestas claras para Venezuela, la de la Revolución Bolivariana que viene reivindicando la unidad latinoamericana y los intereses del pueblo y la del sionismo internacional, que amenaza con la destrucción del planeta que habitamos.”

    Oh, I get it – Chavez sucking up to Ahmedinejad and supporting Iran’s nuke program is all about “Latin American unity.” It’s SO obvious. And their developing the bomb could never in any way be something that “threatens the destruction of the planet,” because the Iranian bomb would certainly be the peaceful kind, right? Very “clear” differences there.

    Kepler, my favorite “non-Communist” quote from Hugo was when he went to China and said he was a “Maoist Christian.” Uh-huh.

  15. It’s totally hilarious! I hope Capriles has studied his Alinsky – the delicous Chavista response speaks for itself a lot better (or worse depending on your point of view) than MUD ever could. If I were MUD, I’d watch and laugh as publicly as possible. NOTHING is more powerful than obviously deserved public ridicule for the obviously stupid reactions of people whose hands are still stuck in the cookie jar. I think this is all precious. I hope you’re enjoying it.

    In addition let me point out that people like you (and me) who want democracy have to put their faith in the good will and common sense of the people – for good or ill. We have no other choice . Let this Alinsky-moment entertain them.



  16. I am with Quico on this. I didn’t see this coming… this complete message melt-down coming from Chavismo. They appear panicked and rudderless. When we have seen this sort of behavior before, it was because Chavez was incapacitated, and unable to control the message.

    So, where is Chavez? Has he even been seen since Sunday?

    • The real question, for me: is it the state of his body that’s keeping Chavez from responding, or is it the state of his mind?

      • I think that to answer this, we need to go back to his psychological profile, i.e.: Malignant Narcissist. The profile says that his rational abilities and judgement are at their worst immediately following either a great victory or a great defeat. Clearly, Sunday’s results fall into the latter category. I would guess that his illness is only magnifying these effects.

        He feels rejected and unloved. In fact, he may be going through the beginning of an accelerated five stages of loss and grief ( Denial and Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and then Acceptance.

        Using this model, his current silence and lack of engagement are indicative of the first stage. When we see him in public again, it will be to vent the Anger. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him when that happens. Expect some more shuffling of senior positions. There will have to be some scape goats sacrificed.

        Well, this is just psycho-babel on my part, but it is something to think about.

        • Neruda was a leftist.

          Let’s try with another revolutionary:

          Ojala se te acabe la mirada constante
          la palabra precisa la sonrisa perfecta
          ojala pase algo que te borre de pronto
          una luz segadora un disparo de nieve

          ojala por lo menos que te lleve la muerte
          para no verte tanto
          para no verte siempre
          en todos los segundos
          en todas las visiones
          ojala que no pueda
          tocarte ni en canciones

          And indeed, pasó, y está pasando Capriles.

    • Hey, I’m all for eliminating the poor and the Communists, too! (My recommended methods do differ from those of the Nazis.)

      • Thumbs down? Could you not figure out from leaving out blacks and mestizos this wasn’t about killing anyone? OK, I will explain, for the obtuse. Eliminate the poor through sound economic policy which encourages job creation, and a solid safety net. (Dislike that!) As for Communists, it’s all about education. You teach someone enough real facts about communism and Communists, and it’s much more difficult to be one. (Though as we know from certain visitors to this blog, no matter how well educated a group of people may be, you still get a few nutcases who hold onto the illogical, though it flies in the face of all logic. Which was the point of this post.)

          • Yeah, I thought it might as well, so I considered adding a comment about how remarks like that can easily be twisted. I couldn’t come up with a good way to word it, but I certainly proved that point, inadvertently.

            • You could have used “poverty” instead of “poor”. Everyone wants to eliminate poverty, only some extremists want to eliminate the poor.

            • I certainly could have, but I wanted to use the same words in the original comment. The words could be literally true, but twisted in a way to imply something utterly different, even antithetical. After taking that small step, it’s easy to just throw in “blacks and mestizos,” or whatever group(s) strikes one’s fancy, depending on the audience to inflame. One could say he wants to eliminate Chavistas, and it could be completely true but not imply the death of anyone. Not even Chavez!

              With that in mind, we could rephrase your last statement: Everyone wants to eliminate the poor…it’s just a few extremists for whom that actually means eliminating people who are poor.

              And look at it this way – if HCR, for example, says he wants to eliminate the poor, rather than eliminate poverty, it’s ambiguous and therefore a poor choice of words on his part. But if he says he wants to eliminate poverty, and someone else claims he wants to eliminate the poor…that’s a very different story.

    • I’m relieved that I didn’t watch that report while drinking something, because I would have lost my computer right away. This fell so low on so many levels.

      But we’re not the target audience of that report, is for the already converted, the ones who will believe it no matter how deceitful it is. That’s the problem.

  17. They go on and on saying you can’t cast a vote in less than 3 minutes. Well, they may as well say that voting actually takes several hours, if you consider the time spent on the line, and even more if you take into account the time to get to and from the voting center, right?.

  18. I’ve entertained myself with the Aporrea forum for ages. No, I am not surprised by the fact that lunacy is mainstream among chavistas. After all, chavismo a People’s Temple cult. It’s not only in Aporrea where they mock the law of gravity day in and day out. Just look at prominent chavistas’ twitter timelines. They RT each other tens of times and feel good about themselves.
    If it depended on me, they could spend a few more weeks on this. Each day they spew their crap is a day less they campaign for 7Oct.

  19. I had an epiphany
    Ch is brainstorming: every chavista must submit their own idea, no matter how crazy it is

  20. It really is quite disturbing to see the amount of vitriol that HCR has received within hours of having won the primary. Although this really shouldn’t surprise anybody seeing as Chavez hasn’t had a real competition on his hands in years. More importantly, what does the official reaction portend for the coming eight months? Will Henrique Capriles graduate from Zionist baby snatcher to Masonic homosexual genocidaire? How crazy can official discourse get before a maximum craziness ceiling is reached? If anything most of the reactions are for internal consumption, chavismo assuring its followers that everything is still a-OK. What should be more concerning is whether the govt has enough cash in the coffers to swing the vote in their favor. This is the most promising candidate to come out of the oppo in years and finally things are beginning to fall into place.

  21. i believe it’s definitely time to call in lisbeth salander and the illuminati….ASAP! ahhhh sí, y el chavo del ocho!

  22. I love how Hoet Pelaez Castillo y Duque becomes an enemy of the State because Capriles worked there. Amongst their employees they also counted (or count I am not up to date in these matters) Mrs Ramirez as in the wife of the Energy and Petroleum Minister… so which is it? This is just one amongst many risible facts in that ‘news’ article.

    Come to think of it that journalist must know something no-one else knows because I sure as shit wouldn’t sign my name to an article with that opening sentence if I ever wanted to get a job anywhere other than RNV…

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