Results in Detail

You can download an Excel spreadsheet with detailed results of yesterday’s primary here.

It very nearly but not quite complete: it’s missing results from voting abroad and from the handful of tables where the machines failed and voting had to be done by hand.

Fun Facts:

  1. Outside of Zulia, Henrique Capriles won 71.8% of the vote to Pablo Perez’s 22%.
  2. Primero Justicia had an extremely lucky sweep in the Caracas area – Juan Carlos Caldera won Sucre with a 0.7% margin, Uzcategui’s margin in Baruta was 0.8%


5 thoughts on “Results in Detail

  1. Yes, please! I’ve gotten very lazy and am looking forward to others’ number crunching. It doesn’t need to be very elegant (at least not for the time being) as long as it includes urban-rural and socioeconomic breakdowns in so far as gross municipal results permit. Many thanks in advance.


  2. Tibi is on. She looks a little bit messy. Hairdresser was on vacation maybe.

    She is praising herself, the CNE, the Plan Republica, the voters and finally, the MUD (without calling it by name). No reference to Teresa Albanes or the CTP (Is she jealous?). They did the work according to MUD’s rules. In every activity of CNE, we garantee transparency. We didn’t help with manual vote or the overseas vote. Where we didn’t participate, we can’t say. #UMMMM
    We delivered the data and that’s it. Esta corriendo la arruga. Very ambiguous answers. Pathetic.

    In short: We did a kickass job, but we didn’t know what the hell we were doing.

    This woman is on the brink of losing her job. It’s a matter of time. Socorro Hernandez is waiting.

    The third report of MUD is out. 2.959.413 votes in total.


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