La Churuata Situacional

What you think PJ-Miranda’s Situation Room looks like:

What PJ-Miranda’s Situation Room actually looks like:

Lot’s of activity. Folks hard at work coordinating the Get Out The Vote Drive. Lots of micro-level problem-solving (get out the vote activists who didn’t turn up, machines not working, Pablo Perez’s guys don’t want our guys close to the voting center, that kind of thing.)

No numbers.


25 thoughts on “La Churuata Situacional

  1. Dr. Strangelove, my favorite movie!

    YA VOTE! A little more than a hour, but the thing went smoothly.

    Heavy turnout in East Barquisimeto. Not surprising, we’re the Chacao of Lara.


  2. I’m calling it at 12:51pm eastern time (no sources whatsoever) Victor’s projections are heavy turnout of more than 3 million people. Let’s see how the government reacts.


      • my mom has gone twice in her center and the lines are huge so she hasn’t been able to vote. In my dad’s cuaderno at 10:50 am already 6 out of 9 people had voted. Our strongholds are voting massively. If this replicates in at least 40% of our not so strong areas, we will do very well.

        I gotta feeling that tonite’s gonna be a good nite.


    • One of the best things about the whole primary process has been the performance of the MUD Electoral Comission and specially the president Teresa Albanes.

      Au contraire of the CNE and Tibi, who try to impose respect by arrogance and secrecy, the CEP (Comisión Electoral de Primarias) and specially, Mrs. Albanes has shown that respect can be better earned by being open, decent and efficient.

      If someone was taken to school today was the CNE and the Plan republica, who have made some serious (and possibly deliberate) attempts to slow down the process, but they have failed to stop the great turnout happening.

      Meanwhile in La Victoria, Chavez praised Boves. #MotherOfUslarPietri No shame…

      Cuidado Tibi, Socorro te quiere serruchar el trabajo y tal vez Chavez se lo de.


  3. In my center (small in Chacao) the line was particularly long. Main reason though, only 1 machine assigned, when usually they use 3. Don’t know if it is the same thing in other centers. The point: not to confuse long lines with actual turnout


    • No shame of prasing J.T. Boves, who fought (not directly) for the spanish empire against Bolivar and brought destruction to the country, as quoted here from Arturo Uslar Pietri’s “Cuentame A Venezuela”, one of my favorite books ever. Page 94. Translation by me.

      “…he commits the worst attrocities; …destroy whole populations, attacked women, children and old people. he sieged and burned the few remaining properties and he abandoned the fields. It was a war of unlimited destruction…”

      Matter of fact, if you read the chapter about Boves (Pag. 93 & 94), is not hard to understand why Chavez admires him.


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