Sunday night in Las Mercedes; Tuesday, Parapara

So, for the first time ever, Juan and Quico are going to coincide in Caracas over the next few days.

Since a grand total of one reader turned up to Masa Critica (you know who you are, and you’re a star) we’re doing a more traditional Meet’n’Greet at Boo! Café in Las Mercedes – Calle Londres con calle Nueva York, Centro DMC, across from Movilnet – on Sunday night.

We’ll be there from 8 p.m. sharp…unless they decree 3 days of mourning for Carlos Escarrá and shut down the whole neighborhood!

I hear Boo! is a nice place, and it won’t break the bank. You can RSVP here, or just show up.

Then, on Tuesday, we’re hoping to trek on out to Parapara, in Guarico State, for a one day fact-finding mission on a randomly picked bit of rural Venezuela. We’ll try to leave very early, stop for lunch in San Juan de los Morros and be back before midnight. With luck, we can even stop at El Layero.

Thing is, we need a ride. If no better solutions bubble up, we’ll rent a car. But if you have a car and a Tuesday to burn, why not drive us out there?

37 thoughts on “Sunday night in Las Mercedes; Tuesday, Parapara

  1. You better stop for lunch in San Juan de Los Morros, as Calabozo is several kilometers south of Parapara de Ortiz. Enjoy


  2. here’s a wild suggestion: why not bus it to Sn Juan de los Morros, enjoy your lunch, then pick up another bus to the rest of your journey. Call it Quicuan’s autobus del progreso.


  3. Sorry I have relatives in several of the places you are going, but they are older, teachers,
    small business, etc. (and I have mentioned your website to them) they are the “silent majority”
    and not interested..I bug them and try to wake them up, they just want Chavez to go away and
    have apeaceful life…


  4. I wish so much I could drive you. Love to drive around Venezuela. Myself just arrived last night fron Halifax, NS. and a bit of “mucho calor” would be nice :)
    Have fun!!!


          • Carolina, Carl, it is almost like you say..but not quite.

            “Quico, sweety, they are calling you” would have been
            “Quico, gordo, te están llamando”

            Very funny, indeed, specially coming from someone that used to be called Katy. (LOL).


            • Bruni, endearments like ‘gordo’ can be afterthoughts, or they can be said to add emphasis. As in, “Quico, they called you, sweetie. (Don’t forget to call them back.)”


            • Syd,

              Still: it would require a comma.
              Of course, if Mr Nagel says to Mr Toro “Quico, te están llamando, gordo”
              it almost becomes an illocutionary act where the semantic weight lies in “gordo” and it is rather an expressive declaration, whereas Quico, gordo, te están llamando” is more directive than anything else.


            • But love by its very nature is never precise, and it makes no room for big fat words. Nor does it demand commas in the right place. Anything goes.

              (Poor Juan! I’m sorry for laughing at your expense.)


            • Have you ever looked into your loved one’s eyes and whispered to them “My fatman, I love you…”

              I think it translates as fatman even if it is a girl. fatwoman just doesn’t exist.


  5. I just wanted to thank everyone who made it out to Boo! on Sunday. It was great meeting all of you! As we always say, if it wasn’t for our readers, we would have closed shop years ago. Thanks for making this little place something worth maintaining.


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