Panorama Debate is on DirectTV Venezuela, Channel 119

You can see it on Panorama’s website, and on Maracaibo-based and other regional TV stations, especially out west. But in Caracas? DirectTV is apparently carrying it in Channel 119.

At least you can follow CC’s live blog!

9:29 The lesson, children: never trust a woman who wears a scarf in Maracaibo.

9:28 Incredibly boring debate, only made more interesting by the revolutionary nature of Panorama’s “journalists.” Leopoldo stood out by a mile.

9:26 Diego Arria talks about “el rrrégimen”… SHOT!

9:25 Pablo Pérez talks about Tarjeta Única, but where’s the confetti?

9:24 Medina cut off right when he was telling us how the CNE is cooking the fraud. Hilarious.

9:22 Capriles strangely off message. Weak day for him.

9:19 “Tremenda pregunta” is a euphemism for “Where the hell did that come from?” Question on Dilma and Cristina K totally knocked Maria Corina out of her comfort zone. Question was incredibly sexist.

9:18 Good answer from Pablo Medina – never thought I’d write that – about what he is doing in the MUD.

9:17 I wanna take that yellow scarf and … I better stop.

9:14 That question about Diego Arria’s low poll numbers is just mean. Don’t beat up the elderly!

9:13 Chavista journalist is unbelievable – “did you feel icky meeting with Alvaro Uribe, who as we all know, eats babies for breakfast?”

9:12 Is Giancarlo DiMartino moderating this thing?

9:10 I hope I never see the day when Pablo Medina is in charge of Venezuela’s health policy.

9:05 Capriles pivots away from a tricky question about the evil private health providers to his achievements in Miranda.

9:00 Leopoldo strong on teen pregnancy – conditional cash transfers! Fluff question, though.

8:58 Is Maria Corina saying she is pro-choice in the case of rape and incest? The only thing I got is that she is pro-dialogue. She did say that she would not support a referendum on abortion.

8:55 Pablo Pérez totally blew the stupid question about how he is going to ensure the price of oil remains high – another chavista talking point. Instead of calling her on her stupidity, he talked about Coke mountains in Jose …

8:54 The debate keeps going but the live feed is out of whack. Panorama #MegaFail

8:52 My verdict so far: Leopoldo stands out. His best performance in all three debates.

8:48 Leopoldo good on oil. This is right in his batting zone. He even quotes Panorama, sucking up to the horrible hosts.

8:46 “How would you increase our refining capacity?” “MCM: Um … by investing in refining …” #StupidJournalist

8:45 Panorama = Aporrea with a bigger building. Discuss.

8:44 My God, the journalist actually believes that high oil prices are thanks to a PDVSA policy. Somebody put her in her place, please.

8:43 I get the feeling that the candidates have simply given up on this debate and are just answering whatever comes first now. Viva la joda.

8:40 “Candidato, como usted bien sabe, la Revolución Bolivariana ha hecho de Venezuela un paraíso, un oasis de felicidad, una cuna del saber, una referencia a nivel inter-galáctico. ¿Por qué usted es tan maluco y quiere cambiar eso? ¿No será que usted odia a su pais?”

8:39 The journalists continue to talk up the government’s non-existent educational achievements. Somebody call them on that! But Capriles dodges. The little bell is annoying the hell out of me.

8:37 The topic of auditing the nation’s universities is a chavista talking point. This is the PSUV debate. Panorama is a disgrace. How could the MUD hand over their messaging to the Pineda family? And now a question about Misión Canaima. Sheesh.

8:34 Leopoldo is good tonight. Looks relaxed, charming, optimistic. His best performance of the three debates. But the journalist is awful. She just asked which minister they would keep. Better question would be which one would you keep out of jail.

8:32 It’s so transparent that the PSUV fed their questions to the journalists at Panorama. Misión Saber y Vivir? WTH is that?

8:30 Communist Pablo Medina talking up religious-based public education. Huh? But kudos to him for calling Hugo Chávez on the lie that Venezuela has no illiteracy.

8:29 This debate is organized by Panorama. It shows. #ShittyNewspaperShittyDebate

8:25 Leopoldo, or someone in his name, adding to his answers via his Twitter feed. Is that even allowed?

8:23 Diego Arria’s entire campaign seems to be based on the slogan: “Give me back my farm!”

8:20 Leopoldo also talks about private investment in infrastructure. Consensus brewing?

8:18 Oh Maria Corina, talking up private investment in infrastructure. Love it.

8:15 Pablo Pérez loses a chance to state the obvious: sell the State’s airlines! Oh, and Pablo Medina is still here?! Talking nonsense about the Maracaibo Metro…

8:14 Panorama debate is on DirectTV Venezuela, Channel 119.

8:13 OK, we’re live in Chile. I’m taking over the live-blogging, Panorama willing.

7:56 Darn, I can’t sustain this, the online feed is just too crappy.

7:55 Panorama is trying to out-Venevision Venevision: horrible gimmicky production values and same absurd 1 minute answers.

7:52 Trying to watch this feed live on Cantv broadband is hopeless…

7:50 Debate moderator announces Televen is broadcasting the debate. It’s just not true, though. Not live, at least, is all I can say.

7:49: We’re running 19 minutes late here, folks, due to a late-ending Cadena. But it’s kicking off now…

38 thoughts on “Panorama Debate is on DirectTV Venezuela, Channel 119

  1. Wow, kind of a sad setup, kinda hard to believe the MUD agreed to this debate… Really shitty.

    Gotta love the loose gold watch and huge gold ring… lol.


  2. Pablo Medina took a swing at a military guy. Trying to be badass.

    MCM nails this format like a boss. She’s brilliant in less than 60 seconds.

    Is Luis Del Villar the Justin Bieber of Venezuelan journalists? Discuss.


  3. Don’t worry, Quico. I got your back.

    If you thought the VV debate was bad, you haven’t see nothing. Amateurish at best.

    Security segment: Winner: MCM, Runner-Up: LL, Fail: Diego Arria

    Now, infrastructure.


  4. HCR: The electricity crisis must be fixed. There’s no time to say how. Generic.
    PP: Airports must return to states. Pretty generic answer. Public companies can’t be awful.
    PM: Chavez’s only finished work is a piece of the railroad. Priority is recover the highways.
    MCM: Calls for an alliance for infrastructure. Concessions to private and multinationals. All go on. previous contracts that are fair and legal will go on. Mobile plants for treating water.
    LL: All public works are OK except the train between Tinaco and Anaco. He’s for concessions too.
    No security, no tourists. Network of hotels to create jobs.
    DA: Skype question. Rural infrastructure. Give back the lands seized by the government. Reducing imports of food.

    Winner: MCM, Runner-Up: PM, Fail: HCR


  5. When the question asked by the Guanare guy in Skype is better than the other done by so-called journalists, what that say about the quality of the newspaper and our media in general?

    Education now.

    PP: Present success of JEL program, wants to expand it nationwide. Give authonomy to all public universities. Improve human resources.
    PM: School dessertion. Praises Fe y Alegria. Proposes it as a base. He wants happy schools.
    MCM: 2 million young without school or jobs. Parallel technical school system, like Germany.
    “I want to see a mission that works efficiently”.
    LL: If you propose HCR as education minister, would you be the same in HCR government?
    Uses the teamwork of la Vinotinto as metaphor. Government of inclusion.
    DA: University auhtonomy. Refounding universities and expand their capacities and resources. The universities must police themselves.
    HCR: Skype question. Will you keep the canaima laptop program? Education is shield against poverty. He didn’t answer the question. Will you keep UNEFA and Mission Sucre? Fails too.

    Winner: MCM, Runner-Up: DA & PM, Fail: HCR.


  6. “This is the PSUV debate. Panorama is a disgrace.”

    I wasn’t expecting anything different.

    Petroleum now:

    PM: Technical question. Real problem with oil is lack of industralization. This is key to full employment. PDVSA is deep in debt. Venezuela must stop worrying only about prices.
    MCM: Will she rehire the fired PDVSA workers? Yes, by expanding the oil production. Private investing must be allowed. Hire the people who know.
    LL: Oil is a blessing. Venezuela can be world leader of oil production. About the arbitrations, he wants a non-discretional fund who puts money on education.
    DA: Will privatize PDVSA? Nobody wants it now. LOL. Must split the corporation. U.S. is the only one who buys our oil.
    HCR: Faja del Orinoco. Will he keep the deals with Iran, China, Russia, etc? Review all contracts. Oil must not be given away, but works as key to progress.
    PP: Skype question. What he would do to keep high oil prices and OPEC? He was born on an oil state, so he knows this stuff. 8 billion $ given away overseas. He worries about enviroment and diversify the economy.

    Winner: All did it well.


  7. Could someone explain to that journalist that there is actually an international oil market? That Venezuela produces only 1.7 MMB/D. That the OPEC produces 30 MMB/D and that the world consumes 90 MMB/D. Are they seriously thinking that we can influence the market significantly?


  8. Health now:

    MCM: Abortion. Serious discussion about it. Very careful postion. No referendum about that.
    LL: Teen Pregnancy. Proposes program of sex education to young women. Connects this to school desertion. Single mothers. Proposes CCT program about keeping kids in school.
    DA: Cheap regime promotion disguised as question. Incorporate states and private sector. Talks about the disease of fear. Help states with resources, but assume their job.
    HCR: Private health regulation. He believes in public health system that works. Talks about what he’s doing in Miranda. “If public system works, no one needs to go to a private clinic”. NAILED IT.
    PP: Technical question. Improve Social Security. talks about his work as governor too. Decentralization is the answer. Shameless attack as question. He handled it good.
    PM: Skype question. Hospital deficits and epidemics. Public health is in poor conditions. Bad salaries. Build ambulatories. Imporve labor conditions.

    Winner: LL, Runner-Up: HCR, Fail: None.


  9. Last segment. Thank god. Awfulness. This journalists leaves me embarassed to the core.

    LL: Meeting with Uribe. Journalist call Uribe murderer. Leopoldo says it’s matter of colombian justice. Follow example of Colombia on reducing violence.
    DA: Bad number in polls. He references the signatures he got. Use of social networks.
    HCR: MUD decision on keeping Miranda option open. He avoids that, talks about the bus of progress.
    PP: Attack on UNT. He avoids that, talks about the youth in his government cabinet.
    PM: He’s called Political dinasour. He responds about fighting Chavez’s dictatorship.
    MCM: What qualities of Cristina and Dilma would you like to have? I didn’t follow.

    30 seconds to wrap it up. really?


  10. Seriously FC & JC: you thought Panorama would step up to a quality production with unbiased journalists? That newspaper was AD when AD was in power, Copei when Copei, and then pro-Caldera. Why should we expect it to be anything less than pro-Chavez today? And, I guarantee they will support whoever is next.

    The MUD was taken for a ride.


  11. Ok, let’s do this because I’m tired. And angry on this farce of newspaper.

    Winner: Leopoldo Lopez. His best performance so far. Where the hell was this version of him three months ago? He was focused, engaged and reliable. Sadly, this come probably too late.
    Runner-Up: Maria Corina Machado. She has been the most consistent in all debates. Lost some steam at the end. She weathered the abortion question very carefully. That final question took her out of her confort zone. Sooner or later, she had to fail on something. Still impressive.
    Dissapointments: Henrique capriles and Pablo perez. Kind of funny that the frrontrunners were major letdowns today. HCR was a little better when he stopped the generic messages and talked about his experience. Pablo was short of total boredom.
    Losers: Diego Arria & Pablo Medina. The “Arriamentum” is over. He looked lifeless and lacked the spark or November. Pablo Medina was the same old self, but here were some minor moments when he looked engaged.

    #FAIL: Panorama. I hate you guts. You didn’t just blew everything, but in the end you showed your true colors. The first half was mediocrity all around, but the last part was bordeline mean-spirited. I was expecting it but still, I’m left ashamed of watch this ambush.

    Please, Quico and JC, don’t ban me on this. But I don’t have another way to say this.

    Panorama, please go F#%$ yourselves!


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