Making Satire Superfluous

In this video clip, Alí Rodríguez waxes self-righteous about Venezuela’s deeply ethical commitment to fighting climate change in the process of…announcing a plan to force every public office to run off of a diesel generator for several hours a day.

En serio, ue’ón!

ps: that photo they placed where Bolívar used to hang out is seriously, seriously creepy. 

23 thoughts on “Making Satire Superfluous

  1. We’re in deep shit. These people are clueless, their only tactic is to make fun of us.

  2. “I call a lie: wanting not to see something one does see, wanting not to see something as one sees it… The most common lie is the lie one tells to oneself; lying to other is relatively the exception.”
    ~ Friedrich Nietzsche, 1894/1990, The Anti-Christ (R. J. Hollingdale, Trans.), p. 185

  3. “culpó al “derroche típico” en la sociedad venezolana del aumento del consumo aunque aseguró que hay elementos que justifican el mayor gasto eléctrico como el crecimiento económico, el mayor ingreso de la población, el crecimiento vegetativo y la mejora del funcionamiento de transportes como el ferrocarril.”

    1. “Crecimiento Economico”: Can someone explain to them that economic growth compared to a period in which the economy contrated is not really net growth…
    2. “mayor ingreso de la poblacion”: If the nation receives more $$$ for the oil we sell and some of that money makes it to the people, shouldn’t the government be in a position to make sure these things don’t happen? Is this really a hard concept to grasp? More money = more consumption. How about we spend some money to increase generation to meet that consumption champ?
    3. “crecimiento vegetativo”: Again, isn’t this why we have governments in the first place? Natural demographic growth is as predictable as the sun coming out every morning. Would it not be the job of the Electricity Secretary to ensure that something this sure fire and predictable would not prevent us from still being able to turn on the light?
    4. “mejora de transportes como el ferrocarril”: Does this mean the Venezuelan government makes us choose between running trains or running our ACs? For real?

    This is the kind of news that drives me crazy, only because in a country full of morons can a high ranking government official come out and so olimpically stick his foot in his mouth and have the balls to walk in public after it.

    • What REALLY pisses me off is that just a few months these jerks were promoting “Cédula del buen vivir” to buy appliances for poor people! So, buy stuff on credit, but don’t plug it?

  4. I am not that fond of watching broadcasts of a similar nature made by communist apparatchiks in the countries they enslaved and made fun of (for the lulz?). But I have a gut feeling that this pair’s broadcast resembles that:

    In their absolute lack of shame. In the tone of moral superiority they use in saying that they save the world daily. All the while issuing decisions and producing results that imply just the opposite. In the use of a portrait of beloved leader that others in more sane societies leave for defunct chiefs of state.

    • Chavez is defunct (see definition #1 in link below, or #2 from the World English), which is precisely why these bozos have to make these announcements. With “policies” like his, which they have no power to alter (and potentially solve the crisis), the result is inevitable. All they can do is figure out how to spin it.

      • I mean physically dead. Posters of the departed to be used at the funeral, or at any commemoration ceremony. Except for individuals like these, who purported to be in some sort of rebellion against oppression earlier in their lives, against privilege and all such, and now that they are part of a government, imitate the worst of authoritarianism and personality cults.

  5. Nonsense. Satire is never superfluous. If you don’t like the government’s I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-satire announcements, then try some oppo satire like this video:

    It’s called “Monty Escualidus y el caballero Rojo”. It’s like one of those Hitler parody videos, but uses the Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail instead.

  6. The good news, totally OT, but I have to give the good news is that Berlusconi LOST his referendum. 95% of the people voted SI (to remove his self-armored law to protect him against prosecution). This is a HUGE victory that people would not think would happen….an italian “arab spring”…

  7. Fighting climate change by burning more fossil fuels in generators? And, isn’t this the country which subsidizes gasoline down to a few cents a gallon?

  8. You would ask who was doing the planning all this time… or where is the money invested?
    Ask the Contralor, well, he is in Cuba too, and apparently in coma. Waiting for a miracle and avoiding to name a new one in the AN? (they don’t have the 2/3 anymore…).
    How about the logistics of bringing fuel to the generators? How about the service life of the generators? (build to work for hours and days or only for short “emergency” times?) Maybe another 0.50 lemonade of 1.0 lemons…

      • Yeah, the last step was 2 month ago:
        Argenis Chávez designado comisionado de Corpoelec ‎19/05/2011‎
        He must be a genious!

  9. This may seem a bit out of topic, but it is an interesting reflection on how electricity and energy consumption is related to a better standard of life and progress:

    Just something to watch and ponder about – claro, si es que el gobierno no te corta la luz y/o el ABA de cantv no te joroba la paciencia…

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