Heartbreak for a Real “Reyes Mago”

This is one of those stories that just hits you right there. Dr. Jesús Reyes was a revered pediatric oncologist at J.M. de los Rios Children’s Hospital, moving heaven and earth to treat his little patients in the face of mounting shortages of chemotherapy drugs. Dr. Reyes was the kind of Doctor who would take his young cancer patients on…


Will the dollar stop rising any time soon?

On Thursday afternoon, Venezuelans found out how their foreign purchasing power evaporated – quite literally – by the minute, as the US dollar surpassed the 400 bolívares (BsF) mark. This was according to the “coup-plotters/saboteurs” from “Dolar today,” the most widely used web page for Venezuela’s black market exchange rate. Other web pages, such as Lechuga verde or Aguacate verde,…



I was writing a post on how screwed we were since the black market rate of the Dollar crossed the 300 Bolivar threshold a couple of days ago. Never mind. Just deleted the whole thing. This tragedy is self explanatory.  Translation: According to DolarToday the black market rate just hit 402 Bolivars per 1 US…


Latin America Goes Nagel

Today sees the launch of Latin America Goes Global: a new opinion and analysis site exploring the interface between Latin America and the World. The site is launched by Friend-of-the-Blog Chris Sabatini. And guess who has a column from day one, and a place on the masthead? A-yup!


Character-driven blogging

For a change of pace, I’ve decided to use my column at Foreign Policy’s Transitions blog to focus on the people, on the Venezuelans that are making a difference, surviving, and suffering. My goal is to focus on a different character in each column. This is not easy for somebody used to writing about politics and economics,…