6D matters, but not for the reasons you think. It's not a parliamentary majority that's at stake, it's the regime's cohesion.
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Official Ballot on the left, a MIN Unidad full page ad on the right.
Official Ballot on the left, a MIN Unidad full page ad on the right.

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Two moderate earthquakes and over 100 smaller aftershocks have kept Mérida shaking this month. It has everyone here wondering, what a Gocho Big One struck?

As Diosdado Cabello meets Wall Street investors, Venny bond prices rally. What’s going on? No one is sure, but word on the Street is that the PDVSA re-profiling is basically a done deal.

The Tomb brings you inside the SEBIN torture chambers deep beneath Plaza Venezuela. Here, director Maru Morón explains how the short came into being.

It's one thing for your aunt in El Cafetal say the justice system is rigged. It's something else altogether when the most prestigious legal organizations on earth start saying the same thing.

Just a year ago, Venezuela effectively decriminalized parallel Forex trading. Half the government seems to have forgotten they did that, the other half seems to be regretting it.

The electoral boobytrap known as MIN-Unidad was sanctioned by the electoral authority last week, but seems like this is a case of "too little, too late."

Mauricio Macri's win in Argentina may be the beginning of the region's leftist chickens coming home to roost.

The story began in 1998 in Venezuela, the northernmost point of our sub-continent. Who knew that, 17 years later, the same story began to change on its southernmost point?

What if we got over our elitism complexes and took a long, hard look at what a University can do for a deeply unequal society?

We set the record straight on the people dressed in white.

Financial statements prove the Venezuelan Central Bank is rojo rojito. As in, in the red.

People running for National Assembly seats want you to know who they are. Some have managed this better than others.

Juan's Book Club

Alejandro Velasco's "Barrio Rising" is the story of a country, a neighborhood, and the people who inhabit it. But after reading the first half, do we know what they want?


We set the record straight on the people dressed in white.

An agrarian economy built on cocoa, coffee and the brutal oppression of indigenous people and African slaves.

Venezuela's National Assembly is chosen through a Mixed, Single Member Constituency/Proportional Representation System. Only some of the Single Member Constituencies have more than one member, and the Proportional Representation System is not proportional. Any questions?