Nicholas Casey's chronicle of his first month in Venezuela as a New York Times correspondent is pretty intense.

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So what were the chances that an organization named El Sistema would turn out to have some creepy, cultish undertones? Fairly high, huh?

As mass-scale hunger begins to stalk the Venezuelan public sphere, the moral dimension of lending to a crazy regime comes into sharper and sharper focus.

The Economist's Bello column (on Latin America) this week pivots from hair-raising oumaigá to disarming simplicity in a few paragraphs, ending with this: Most in...

By May, Venezuela's highest denominated banknote won't be worth the paper it's printed on. Literally.

Venezuela is now importing 100 bolivar bills by the planeload: more banknotes, actually, than the whole of the European Union needs.

When you look at it in detail, an amendment to the constitution to shorten Maduro's term and force a presidential election this December makes quite a lot of sense from the MUD's point of view.

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As the government starts hounding Globovision all over again for - gasp - covering the elected National Assembly, Communicational Hegemony is looking a whole lot less formidable than it once did.

You try explaining Maduro's approach to macroeconomic management to a Japanese investment analyst...

Venezuela feels like it's at rock bottom, but the numbers tell another story. With the economy set to get much, much worse, removing Maduro would mean bailing chavismo out.

Time for MUD to stop hiding behind the "priorities" pretext and show LGBT Venezuelans some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Tigres de Aragua are Venezuela's new baseball champs, after a season marred by confusion and controversy stemming from the League's bizarre new qualification format.

The queen of an imaginary kingdom.

A few years ago, a group of experts identified the types of policies that most countries with high growth experiences had implemented. Their results, published...

MUD Secretary General Chúo Torrealba committed a classic Kinsley Gaffe yesterday when he said outright that Same Sex Marriage, while important, is just not a political priority for the opposition in a country on the brink of an outright humanitarian disaster.

As we peer into the abyss of outright hyper-inflation, tech savvy Venezuelans figure out you can shield yourself from the bolivar's implosion without ever coming near a Cadivi folder. How? Bitcoin!

Uruguay bet a huge porcentage of its agro-exporting economy on a single deal with the Venezuelan government. What could imaginably go wrong?

You've voted on the the flipside: Angel Falls Because this accident of nature happens to be on our side of the border, it should be...

Forget about Yubraska. The real incarnation of Venezuela in the 21st century was gunned down in a Porlamar disco last Sunday.

Remember the plan to raise gas prices announced during the Memoria y Cuenta address? Nicolás Maduro sure doesn't.

Venezuela will soon need new, higher-denomination bank notes and - as a result - new people, places and things to put on them. The...

At this point in the year, the water level in the Guri reservoir has never been lower. Our strategy? Pray for rain.

Time was when chavismo would've known to use the Economic Emergency decree to divide MUD's caucus once again. It seems like that kind of tactical deftness is behind them.

Muchos personajes y poco estilo en la novela de Barrera Tyszka.