We’re going away…

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Tranquilos, you can still find us on Facebook

Don’t worry, SEBIN is not shutting us down!

After thirteen years of virtually uninterrupted blogging, Caracas Chronicles is taking a break to focus on revamping, rebooting, and coming back bigger and better than ever in a few short weeks, just in time for Legislative Elections.

You know when Miss Venezuela wins the crown, disappears for a while, and reemerges for the Miss Universe pageant looking nice and “rested”? It’s sort of like that. 

While we’re hard at work behind the scenes, we realize that separation anxiety might be an issue for some of you: it certainly will be for us!

Here’s a few suggestions for handling the withdrawal symptoms and keeping the love alive during our time apart:

  • Help us shape the blog’s new direction with your feedback. Your opinion is incredibly valuable to us. Please fill out this short and completely anonymous survey, and know that it will help us immensely in shaping the blog in the weeks ahead.
  • Take a second to register your email here, even if you are already a follower. Our community of readers is the most important part of the Caracas Chronicles experience. We want to build up this amazing network in order to better serve you. We will keep your e-mail address safe, always, we’ll use it only to provide timely information about Caracas Chronicles, and you can opt-out whenever you want.
  • If you haven’t done so already, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. During our site reboot, our Facebook page will act as a kind of makeshift blog.
  • Did you ever think about writing for Caracas Chronicles? Know somebody who should? We’re looking for amazing writers with a fresh voice on all things Venezuelan and something to say. It’s not just politics and the economy, either: if you’re passionate about sports, the arts, health, crime, the environment, education, or anything else, we want to hear from you. To obtain an application package, please fill out the following form.

We’re off to make Caracas Chronicles a badass companion to the only resource that Venezuela seems to have an endless supply of: insanity. We’ll be back in October to help you sort it out.

All the best to our amazing readers!


The CC Team

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